Webcert CC declined when getting Disney Dollars

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by drgnfly30, Aug 29, 2004.

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    Apr 14, 2002
    I found out that I got charged a $3 dormancy fee the other day on my Webcertificate account. So I wouldn't get hit again I just decided that I would buy some more Disney Dollars with it instead of keeping the $ in the account for my trip. I have a balance of $117 & tried to buy $100 worth of Disney Dollars but was declined - twice. I just checked the account again & I still have $117 there & no where I look can I find that there is a problem with the account. Any ideas?
  2. Lori-n-NY

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    Feb 1, 2003
    I would call them.
    Can you go the WEBcert website and look to see your account balance? Can you see if anything was charged by DIsney? like $1 to see if the account is active? SOmetimes companies will check an account by doing a small charge and credit within minutes of each other but the CC takes more time to process this. Are you buying DD$ at the Disney Store? Maybe try online and buy $100 gift card and then go to the DS and purchase DD$.

    There is a 1-800 on Webcert website...give them a call and se what is going on.

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    I had that happend once and what happened was the CM called the automated service just to make sure the card was good (they did this once before and everything was fine)

    so when she ran it through the register it declined:confused:

    what happened was when she keyed it in to check on the phone

    it automatcially deducted the amount (it was $10) whcih was all I had so when she ran it through the register there was nothing left on the card:confused:

    it took a store manager to figure it out and get me my $DD but it all worked out:D

    good luck to you

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