Wearing pins on airplanes

Simba's Mom

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Aug 26, 1999
Has anyone worn their Disney Pins (and other pins) on airplanes? Since 9-11, I'm wondering if they'd get through security! Thanks.


May 3, 2001
:) I had an American flag pin and also a disney pin on my jacket when we flew in Novmeber and December and had no problem. I did put my coat through the scanner. So that they could look at it.

My son's big collection was carried on all the flights. It was searched each time we went through a check point and then he was sent on his way.


DIS Veteran
Mar 9, 2000
Great question and great answer. I am leaving next Friday for DL and will have my pin bag and my pin vest and was a little concerned about them getting confiscated.


Earning My Ears
Dec 2, 1999
We went on the Wonder 12/13/01 and even and there We had our lanyards on and our pin bag. We just took the lanyards off and put them in the bucket w/ change and keys, etc and the pin book and it all went through the xray machine.... no problems