We signed!! Thanks for all the info!


All my dreams are coming true
Jan 24, 2002
We finally signed the papers!
Couldn't decide between DVC and another timeshare, so we did both! We weren't sure how often we could travel, as we have not done much of that the last few years (the down side of having steady employment and children.) Then we remembered how much we travelled before we were married. Now we have several trips planned!
Other obstacles resolved: Hubby and kids are reluctant WDW repeaters. (I am a lone Disney addict), AND cost of travel is high from here. SO we decided I can go to WDW every year or two, and they will take turns going with me! Also, kids are almost old enough to take trips on their own, and we don't always have to do Florida.
Thank you for all the valuable information I have gained from reading the DIS Boards the last few weeks. Our guide is good, but it is HERE we have learned how to use points, and etc. The wonderful information about the DVC resorts makes us feel familiar with each one. (We bought at VWL.)
Most of all, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm! It is so exciting hearing about the happiest place on earth from some of the happiest people on earth...Bless you all!
Congratulations on your decision. I remember you have asked some good questions, and I recall you being "burdened" with a family that doesn't share your passion.

Buying two timeshares at once? That's some compromise! :)

You will really enjoy your trips. And I have a sneaking suspicion that your DH and kids will be surprised at how much they enjoy WDW when you base out of a DVC home.

Congratulations from a fellow VWL homeowner!
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Welcome Home! Perhaps a few great stays at WDW will change their minds:smooth:
Congratulations and welcome home neighbor! I am so happy for you and your family found a suitable (and fun) compromise. I will probably do something similar with my trips (the Disney ones with a girlfriend or one of my sisters every couple of years and our regular "family" Hilton Head trips once a year). Anyway you look at it, we get to go to Disney and our family's get what they want too. Again welcome home!! :bounce: :D

Congratulations from another New DVC member! I am just waiting for closing.

this is my first time saying this:



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