We saw Lion King this weekend!


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Jul 15, 2003
Well - this is my version of the Mastercard commercial...

2 nights in a hotel - a couple of c-notes (we live 6 hours from Indy)
3 tickets for the big show! - also a couple of hundred bucks
$50 souveniers for the show
$35 dinner before the show
$0 - found free parking 1/2 block away!

The look on my 9 yo DD's face when she saw animals parading down the aisles - PRICELESS!

I can't remember the last time she had that big of a smile on her face.

If any of you have a chance to go see this play, GO! This is by far the most spectacular theatrical performance I have ever seen!


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Sep 19, 2001
:bounce: AWESOME!:bounce: I hope to take my DD to see it in May in NY. Can anyone tell me where the best seating is? I want to get a good view for a fairly good price. Thanks!


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Mar 2, 2003
My ds is going next weekend with his music class from school. I am so excited for him. I wanted to tag along, but he told my DH he didn't want any family going with him and his friends. At 12 I would never do anything to embarrass him on purpose (I do it enough without even trying) I am so glad to hear that its a great show and I can't wait to tell him that you had a wonderful time!!! I get chills just thinking about what a great show this will be!!!


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Feb 15, 2000
I want to see this show. I'm glad your daughter enjoyed it so much.


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Jul 15, 2003
Originally posted by Tony-NJ
It's truly a spectacular show!

OMG where did you have dinner for $35??????

We went to a fabulous pizza place, about 2 blocks from the theater. I think it was called Buzbeaux's. My DH was in Indy a lot about 2 years ago for business, and this was a great place they liked to go to.

The $35 included 2 beers, 1 soda, 2 salads, garlic bread, the pizza, and the tip! It was trying to find a parking spot near the restaurant that we lucked in to the spot so close to the theater. We didn't realize the 2 were only 2 blocks apart!


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