We joined in on the parade!

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    Sep 8, 2000
    While we were in Disneyland in June, we went back to the park to see the 7pm parade on June 21st, and ended up in the parade!
    My sister had read on these boards about the cms in cloud overalls and when she saw them(while my daughter and I were in the restroom) she started talking to them until we came and then signed us up to participate in the Parade of Stars. We boarded a double decker bus, signed a waiver, and proceeded slowly down MainStreet while they continued to recruit volunteers. You have to be at least 6 yrs old and wearing comfortable shoes (and sox, too, I think).
    Around the corner near the Town Square, we disembarked from the bus and were separated
    into our groups to learn what we needed to do. We were in group 3, which we felt was the best group, as we each got to be assigned to a character for the entire parade. We learned a little dance number and received capes with stars to wear. Two other groups were given tutus to wear and the last group wore black capes.
    The parade starts right from this area, so we watched the beginning, and at the proper time, each group was called to join in.
    When our group was called, my 11yr old DD was assigned to Roger Rabbit and I to Brer Rabbit and we were off.
    We had a great time, holding hands with the characters, doing a little skipping and dancing and then the whole group would do a little dance and then we would catch up with the characters and start all over again.
    Being in the parade was a highlight of our great trip to Disneyland Resort, June 20-27!

    It was very organized and easy to follow.
    And very fun!
    At the end of the parade, when we turned in our capes to the group leaders, we were given really cool pins that were of the blue fairy float that led the parade, and say guest performer on the back!
    We stayed 7 nights at the Disneyland Hotel from June 20-27, and had a terrific vacation.We really loved Disneyland and DCA,and being in the parade was so cool and an especially wonderful highlight of our trip!
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    Very cool! :D Sounds like you had a great time and have some wonderful memories of your trip.

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