Voyage of the Yeti: A Sherpa's Journey (PTR)

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    Sep 23, 2009
    I am Jamling Sherpa, and this will be my first time going to WDW!


    I am 26, male and I have autism. I am a Sherpa and Nepali by adoption, as well as a registed member of the Cherokee tribe. Remember the Sherpa part, as that will be a vital part of my TR later.

    I was inducted into the Sherpa people by Tibetan monks in Kansas City. I went to a "bat mitzvah" (Jewish) with my family in 2006. When it was time to go to it, I said that I didn't want to go, and I just wanted to walk around downtown Kansas City. I walked to the central railway station and admired the antique design of it. Then I turned a corner, and on the other side of a ticket booth, there were 3 Tibetan monks sitting on the floor doing a sand painting. I watched them for a while, and then when they were done, I walked up to one of them and started talking about various Buddhist subjects. He then told me I have a calm and pleasent demeanor and that I should participate in a traditional Tibetan naming ceremony. I said "Sure, might as well". He askjed me a series of questions about my personality, and spiritual life, and then after some chanting, lighting of incense and meditation, he gave me the name Jambuling Yendak Pemba Sherpa, meaning "world famed". I am definately NOT world famous, but I accept the name anyway. It was a gift from the spirits. I also share a name with another famous person, the son of the first ever person to climb Chomolungma, aka, Mt. Everest, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa!

    The best way to understand what happened is to think about the film "Dances with Wolves". In it, the person becomes a member of the Lakota tribe, and is endowed with full rights and membership. I am the same way.

    It is traditional for a Nepali (even an adopted one!) to give his tribe as his last name. An example would be Lakhpa Gurung. "Gurung" is the tribe name.

    Anyway, I am very proud to be Nepali, but I am Cherokee first. I used to be Buddhist, but I now follow the traditional Cherokee native beliefs. Even so, I still celebrate Nepali holidays, eat Nepali food, wave the Nepali flag proudly, and I am a full member of the Florida Nepal Association.

    I am a Sherpa, and proud of it! Sherpa and Tibetan culture is part of my life, as much as honouring my Cherokee heritage. About the yeti: he is sacred to me. He protects his homeland very very proudly. All he wants is the liberation of his friends, the Tibetans from those awful Communists.

    Regarding Betty, she doen't want the people to destroy her land, so she is protecting it, but I believe the yeti in general is nice.

    There are reports of yetis in Nepal and the Swiss Alps who have rescued people from the cold, and sheltered them until help arrived.

    This is the end of my bio, sorry if it was boring!


    Now that you know a little about me, you should better understand the reason for my trip.

    Dates: 12 December to 15 December, 2009
    Lodging: All Star Music
    Parks: AK, EPCOT, MK
    Cast: Myself & Harold the Yeti

    Status: Package not booked (Expected to book 1 Oct!)

    Tentative Itinerary:

    Day 0: Leave Pensacola, FL via Greyhound
    Day 1 11:30 AM: Arrive MCO Greyhound station
    Day 2 12:30 PM: Arrive ASM Resort, check in, drop baggage off in room
    Day 2 1:00 PM: Depart ASM Resort for MK
    Day 2 2:00 PM: Arrive MK
    Day 3 9:00 AM: Depart ASM Resort for AK, make friends with Betty, buy out her store :)
    Day 4 9:00 AM: Depart ASM Resort for EPCOT
    Day 5 Depart ASM Resort for Greyhound MCO home :(

    I've never been to WDW, so I'm new. Is is OK for a 26 YO to give the characters hugs??

    What's it like going solo?

    Any help would be appreciated. Looking forward to Dec.!

    I'll post updates as I go. Stay tuned for another update soon!

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