"Voices of Disney" January 2019 Exercise Thread

  • MikeNamez

    DIS Veteran
    Jun 21, 2017
    I'm sure PollyannaMom will catch it if I'm right, but I think your numbers are off today. You previously posted a higher number.
    Crazy day on Friday, I was falling apart and missed a post lol. Thank you both for catching this, I updated the previous post to correct it.

    Here's also adding the weekend.
    Friday - 20min strength training
    Saturday - 30min elliptical + 20 strength training
    Sunday - 35min elliptical + 20 min strength training
    Grand Total = 125

    1045 + 125 = 1170/1400

    Going to have to step it up these last few days to hit my goal.


    Is it time for Food & Wine Yet??
    Aug 22, 2010
    Finally have a moment to myself to post in - adding 260 minutes over the past 12 days since my last post. (420/700). I wish I could count the time playing with dolls and cooking for the gang!
    Everyone is doing so well - so tough to do this time of the year!
  • BonnieF

    Is it time for Food & Wine Yet??
    Aug 22, 2010
    25 more today (445/700). I was inspired by everyone’s updates!!

    And after taking that quiz, I realized I don’t remember all that much about Toy Story!!! So I have a project for the next couple of days in the polar vortex!


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