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Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by Hilary, Aug 17, 2009.

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    Feb 10, 2000
    I have to pay the balance on our VH invoice (for an October trip to California) within the next few days and wonder if anyone can help me decipher our invoice before I hand over the cash? ;)

    We started off with a fly drive package including flights and accommodation, then switched to accommodation only (subsequently got a better deal booking flights separately), and this switching may explain the odd way the invoice is set out.

    The invoice lists

    Accommodation charge £xx
    Twin room £xx

    five times, presumably once for each of the five hotels we've booked for the trip. We have also paid an amendment fee, which I expected.

    The 'Accommodation charges' range from £16 to £30 - what is this for? The total is roughly as I had calculated from the brochure prices, so I have no reason to think we're being over-charged, I'm just curious about the way it's shown on the invoice, as it's set out very differently from the original invoice before I amended the booking.

    I am going to ask Virgin when I call to pay the balance, but wondered if anyone here could shed some light on it first? :confused3

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