Vero & OKW in May


DVC Veteran
Oct 8, 1999
:bounce: Hi everyone we are headed "home" on May 8th-15th as follows: 8th-11th at Vero Beach and the 11th through the 15th at OKW, and did I mention NO KIDS!!!.
Wondering about VB as this is our first trip there if anyone has recent trip reports. Also what about the new bus schedules at OKW.

Did I mention that this is our first trip without kids!!!:bounce:

We have been to VB three times since joining DVC at OKW. We always enjoy it as a relaxing time before going to WDW.

One suggestion I have is that you try the Ocean Grill if you will have a car. The restaurant is right on the ocean and has very good seafood. We plan to have dinner there when we go in August.

A drink or dessert in the Green Cabin Room at VB is also a good idea.

Enjoy your visit!! :bounce:
:D Paul,
Thanks for the information on the Ocean Grill we will check that out for sure.

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