Vero beach resort in March?

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    Jan 18, 2011
    I currently have booked a b2b disney cruise for January 2014. However, this past January when we went the weather was not so great and my favorite part ( castaway cay) was FREEZING! Even though the price was amazing and it was still an amazing cruise!
    I looked at the school calendar for next year and spring break ends up being the week of my daughters birthday in March. So we are debating about doing a 4 night dcl and then doing 3 nights at Vero beach instead of January b2b since we have heard great things about Vero Beach and have been wanting to go for a while.

    January b2b would be the cheapest option by far but the kids would be missing 2 school days and we are also going on a November 4 night dcl where they will be missing 3 days as well so I am a bit worried with them missing 5 days total in that time frame.

    I'm sure either vacation would be great but I am torn now. Has anyone ever stayed at Vero beach before and can give me some insight on it? Also, has anyone gone in mid-March? Weather and activity wise is it a good time to visit?

    Thanks =)

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