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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by nutshell, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. nutshell

    nutshell Oh, Disney!

    Dec 3, 2007
    Hello! We're planning a trip for Spring Break (maybe Summer . . . we'll see), and I have a question about vegan options at Disneyland and the surrounding area. We're actually new to veganism . . . we started about two months ago and are still going strong!

    Anyway . . . any other vegans on the board? Anyone know where/what we can eat while we're at DLR?


  2. disneychrista

    disneychrista DIS Veteran

    Dec 26, 2002
    It is very limited when it comes to Vegan food at Disneyland, especially if you want to get counter service.

    If you do a search you can come up with a couple of older thread with suggestions. I used to have it bookmarked but it got deleted :(
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  4. sonnyjane

    sonnyjane DIS Veteran

    Mar 11, 2009
    Yeah, veggies will have more success than full vegans. It's things like sauces that will get you. Just be upfront and ask, they can provide you with suggestions or at least tell you where else to look. As the PP said I know there are a few threads. Try searching "vegan" in our search bar.
  5. cmwade77

    cmwade77 DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2005
    Something to be aware of: The Fried Green Tomato sandwich at Hungry Bear is not Vegetarian, let alone vegan, due to the sauce used (contains fish) and last time I asked, the sauce could not be left off, as it was already on one of the components.

    As others have said, Vegan options will be limited. Most table service locations will be able to come up with something, but most of them will be pasta with marinara sauce. The one exception that I know of is Carthay Circle, the chef will come out and work with you to come up with something that you will enjoy. He came out to our table after our meal and while he was there told is that He purposefully left vegan and vegetarian options off the menu so that he could make special dishes for those with dietary needs.

    From what I hear, Napa Rose will do the same, but I have no first hand experience.
  6. radiatorsprings

    radiatorsprings Mouseketeer

    Aug 10, 2008
    I am going to DL in 3 weeks for the first time as a vegan (last time I went was 2011 about 6 months before I became vegan). I have been researching what I will be able to eat and here are the things I wanted to try:
    Rancho del Zocalo - soft tacos Monterrey with veggies, no sour cream or cheese
    Carnation Cafe - Chef's vegan burger
    Royal Street Veranda - vegetarian gumbo
    Lucky Fortune Cookery - Asian rice bowl with veggies, tofu, and teriyaki sauce

    And I am not sure about this one but I saw one post online where someone mentioned this as a vegan option:
    Paradise Garden Grill - Mediterranean skewers (vegetable with tofu) with Moroccan Chili sauce served with rice pilaf and pita bread
  7. CaliDisneyMama

    CaliDisneyMama Mouseketeer

    Jan 24, 2013
    Thank you for posting this. The fried green tomato sandwich has been recommended quite a few times as a good vegetarian option, and was something I was considering for our trip next month, but I'll be passing on it now.
  8. cmwade77

    cmwade77 DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2005
    If you really do want it, You can ask if they can leave the sauce off now or have reformulated it to be truly vegetarian. I know they had a lot of complaints about this and last I heard were working on a solution.

    I honestly haven't asked again since and this was a couple of months after the new menu. But I thought it was important to let people know that it's not vegetarian, especially since the menu indicates its the vegetarian item the last time I looked.
  9. cmwade77

    cmwade77 DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2005
    I do recommend Carthay Circle for vegetarians and vegans, the food is amazing and they really work with you to make something you will LOVE. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
  10. CarrieR

    CarrieR DIS Veteran

    Jun 10, 2008
    The last couple pages of the veg dining thread under Disney restaurants have a few DLR veg links

    I appreciate this topic, as a vegetarian who just gave up dairy. Except for not flipping out about occassional egg (ie baked in bread,) I am essentially vegan. I see lots of salads in my future ;)
  11. hpfan100

    hpfan100 Extendable Ears Anyone?

    Jun 13, 2010
    I'm a veggie and eat pretty well at DLR. I think vegan will be tougher but not impossible.

    Snack options- Mickey pretzels, popcorn, fruit bars, veggie skewers at Bengal BBQ, sourdough bread at DCA wharf

    meals- salads at most places, Mexican food on DCA wharf, Asian place at DCA (very good), veggie Gumbo is yummy, veggie chili at wharf is ok

    DTD-Tortilla Jo's--awesome food!, Jamba Juice, Earl of Sandwich

    My bf and I are going to try Thunder BBQ...I'm excited to try the tofu skewers :thumbsup2

    Outside of Disney will be easy...If you have a car there is a Target just down the road to get groceries at.
  12. cmwade77

    cmwade77 DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2005
    The Gumbos, fruit bars, popcorn and Veggie Skewers are definitely not Vegan. The veggie skewers are grilled in a butter sauce. The popcorn now contains dairy solids in the topping to make up for the change in oil from what I have been told. The fruit bars contain dairy solids as well. The Gumbos may contain dairy, as well as other non vegan ingredients.

    I would strongly recommend asking though, as the ingredients do change from time to time.

    One that isn't listed here for Vegans is Dole Whip. Last I heard they have switched to a formula that is 100% vegan. I recommend asking before purchasing, as sometimes the formula contains milk solids. Overall though people have been liking the version that doesn't have milk solids more (its actually creamier, which makes no sense), so they have been making the switch.

    As for the other places, be sure to ask first, they may or may not be completely vegan.
  13. dragonflycurls

    dragonflycurls DIS Veteran

    Apr 10, 2009
    woody's roundup bbq can make items vegan. My wife is vegetarian but we went with vegan friends once-they can make the skewers vegan (which makes me think bengal bbq could do the same maybe?) and they will steam the corn (so no butter or milk) and I believe the beans were vegan. They were totally accomadating and very nice about making changes!
  14. ArchOwl

    ArchOwl The Highly Educated Owl

    Jan 24, 2011
    I have been with vegan friends before, but it has been a few months. So the suggestions below were what they were able to eat at the time, but Disney does change things around a lot. So I would definitely check before ordering.


    Pacific Wharf Cafe: Vallejo Vegetarian Chili
    Oatmeal for breakfastl

    Paradise Garden Grill: Mediterranean Skewers with tofu and veggies, but only a couple of the sauces were vegan, so check! Of course, the yogurt sauce is not, but there was another that wasn't vegan either. This was one of my friends' favorite meals at DCA for sure. We ate here twice.

    Lucky Fortune Cookery: Asian rice bowl with tofu and veggies, ask about the sauces again, they do have a vegan one.

    Fidler, Fifer, and Practical: Starbucks coffee with soy!

    Cocina Cucamonga: ended up with a LOT of substitutions here, but ended up with the Soft Tacos Monterey with veggies, no cheese, no side of sour cream, and steamed veggies on the side with no beans or rice. There was a bit of a communication problem, so I don't know for sure that the beans/rice aren't vegan, so double check.

    Wine Country Trattoria: pasta dish with broccolini, sorry my notes are vague on this one. But there was a vegan option!


    Jolly Holiday: Grilled veggie and whole grain salad. My notes says basil vinaigrette was very good.
    Coffee with soy milk!

    River Belle Terrace: Becky Thatcher Fruit Plate, generous portions of fruit.

    Royal Street Verandah: Vegetarian gumbo (I have no idea if this has changed, but it was one of the best vegan options that my friends liked while were at Disneyland, definitely worth asking if it is still vegan.)

    Carnation Cafe: Chef's Vegan Burger

    Rancho Del Zocalo: Veggie Fajita Style tacos or burrito, they also said they could make the tostado salad without cheese and it would be vegan. Obviously, no cheese and no sour cream. Here, they were very certain the beans were vegan, but there was some disagreement regarding the rice. No problem, they gave us double beans.

    Blue Bayou: didn't eat here, but were told the Portabello Mushroom and Couscous Maque Choux was vegan. Obviously, double check.

    Cafe Orleans: Vegetable Ragout without the corn cakes OR the cheese on top. Substituted with side salad with no problem.

    Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels at the stands, no cheese obviously. ;)

    Plaza Inn Breakfast with Minnie: Chef came out and said the gluten free Mickey waffles could be made dairy free and would be vegan. This was fine with the fake syrup (lol) and the tons of fresh fruit available.

    Bengal BBQ: the veggie skewers themselves are vegan, but cooked on a grill with meat, so fyi.

    ---There are lots of fruit stands throughout both parks that sell many different kinds of fresh fruit. These were very helpful as snacks.

    ---Definitely double check, but we were told that the pre-packaged kettle corn sold at the candy stores is vegan. Didn't try it.

    ---We also had the steel cut oatmeal for breakfast from the Jamba Juice in Downtown Disney. They make it with soy milk and have tons of fruit options. Also, Jamba Juice makes some great vegan smoothies that really helped in the afternoon.

    Hope you have a great time! :thumbsup2
  15. VandVsmama

    VandVsmama DIS Veteran

    Mar 28, 2011
    This thread is great! My DH and I recently started eating vegan, so it's great to know what our options are.
  16. ParkHopper1

    ParkHopper1 DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2011
    I was on a trip last year with a vegan and she would not even eat the veggie skewers cuz they were cooked on the same grill as the meat., I love me some dead cow but wish ya the best!
  17. rani8600

    rani8600 Mouseketeer

    Jun 11, 2007
    I will be in Disneyland for the first time ever (so excited :goodvibes) and am vegan. I have been doing a lot of research and i found that asking seems to be the way to go at the counterservice. They all will have the allergy/ingredient books to look at.
  18. Wonder2008

    Wonder2008 Mouseketeer

    Oct 28, 2008
    My sister doesn't eat vegan, but she is allergic to all dairy (regular milk, rice milk, etc) except soy milk. Things that are marked as "vegan" are safe for her.

    I'd be interested to hear your experiences even though she isn't completely vegan.

  19. ColoradoK

    ColoradoK Mouseketeer

    Feb 13, 2010
    ArchOwl your list is da bomb! The kids and I are (mostly) vegetarian and hubby tries to be vegan when he can (this is new for 2013 :rolleyes2). I've been sitting here aaaaaaaaallllllllllll day, actually, making a spreadsheet of choices....most of your list was on mine except for the Vallejo Vegetarian Chili at Pacific Wharf. I wonder if that wasn't on All Ears? Anyway....

    Our family is not only vegetarian but we try to do mostly whole grains (so no flour tortillas), no refined sugars, etc. I'm willing to make exceptions on vacation but our tummies usually pay the price anyway and that's no fun on vacation.
  20. cmwade77

    cmwade77 DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2005
    I feel a little odd quoting myself, but the Disney Parks Blog has posted that the Fried Green Tomato sandwich no longer has anchovies in the sauce. It still isn't vegan, but is apparently vegetarian. I would still check when you get there though.

    Also, I have confirmed with someone that works the Dole Whip stand that the Dole Whip is now completely vegan, as the formula they recently switched two eliminated milk solids. (Places outside of Disney that sell dole whip may not have the vegan version, so you should definitely ask).
  21. clanmcculloch

    clanmcculloch DIS Veteran

    Feb 20, 2009
    The popcorn has milk solids? UGH!!! That really stinks. At WDW popcorn is a staple snack for my 12yo. Any idea on the brand of the topping?

    Vanilla Dole Whips are not vegan. Vanilla still contains casein. Pineapple and orange Dole Whips were modified to no longer contain casein and are now vegan. What I need to find out is their practices for making the stuff. At WDW it turns out they make all flavours in the same bucket (after rinsing, but still same bucket for mixing) so for people like us who aren't actually vegan but look into vegan options because of milk and egg allergies, this could be a risk for cross contamination which could be dangerous.

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