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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by vascubaguy, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Tonight we had dinner at Mama Melroses. Food was great, everyone had a good meal. HOWEVER, when the server brought the bill... it was disaster.

    Before she took our order, we told our server that all 7 of us were on the DDP but 4 on one card and 3 on the other. I also told her that we had the Tables in Wonderland card for the 20% discount on alcohol and appetizers. At first she didn't know what the TiW was until I told her it used to be called the Disney Dining Experience.

    She came to our table to ask for our room cards for the DDP. We handed her our room keys and the TiW card. About 10 minutes later when she brought the bill and cards back, she told me that we couldn't use the TiW and the DDP and she told me that her manager tried it too. I then had to explain that we've done it before but the DDP meals have to be on one ticket and the non-DDP items on a separate ticket to apply the 20% off. She said she'd try again. About 15-20 minutes later she finally came back and said they got it to work. HOWEVER, when we looked over the bill, it was still wrong... but not worth trying to wait for them to fix it again. One person had ordered a salad as an appetizer and instead of putting it with the drinks, she left it on the DDP bill so it didn't get the discount.

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