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Aug 22, 2005
We are considering buying. We usually travel to Disney in October/November or January. Mostly January. What would be the best UY for us? We would probably travel once per year or a longer stay ever other year banking & borrowing. I'm trying to figure this all out and need help.

The general advice given is that UY only matters if you need to cancel a reservation. If you are flexible or can plan ahead without disruption then it really doesn't matter.

A UY at or before the times you travel most will give you the most flexibility if you have to cancel. The main reason for this is you have 6 months from you UY to bank 100% of your points.

If you will be traveling mainly in January then a December or January UY would be good since this would give you the biggest banking window should you need to push back a reservation or cancel all together.
I agree with hellerjw except I'd recommend an August or September use year. That way your October & November trips would be covered as well as your January trips.
The uy doesn't matter. It is just the month of year that your bucket of points gets refilled. Buy at the resort where you would like to stay most of the time. That is the most important thing because you will get 1st crack at your home resort and can reserve your travel time & room type beginning 11 months before your travel date. You can book at a different resort only when you are within 7 months of your travel date.

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I was stuck on the UY issue before buying. What I gathered was UY doesn't really matter. Vacation plans change--maybe not year to year but at least at one point in the life of the contract. For example, we travel only in November (Thanksgiving) due to DH's job--so we choose an October UY. That being said, if my DH job ever changes, our vacation plans might become more flexible--and UY really won't matter. Our kids also are not of school age yet so that will be a factor in a few years.

Again, don't beat yourself up trying to figure this out like I did....

Good luck!



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