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    Dec 12, 2001
    The players –
    Carol (41, British) – dangerously Disney obsessed.
    Roland (36, German) – puts up with me somehow.

    I wrote a WDW trip report called Mickey & US – if you missed it you might have trouble with some of the references!

    27 August 2002


    I've said it before but I'll say it again, there’s a lot of thought gone into the Europa Park. The other countries we’d seen were well done and Greece was just as nice. I have to add though, the fact that there’s a big water coaster and an even bigger roller coaster parked right next to them does tend to detract from the pretty whitewashed, blue-trimmed buildings. And besides, when we got there we were on a mission. Feed me!!!
    Now the funny thing about the EP `restaurants´ is that they all turned out to be counter service. But they were nicer than normal c-s places, very nicely done. We went to the Taverna c-s in Greece and finally got our longed for ethnic cooking. Ok, so you can get gyros everywhere in Germany but at the point I didn’t care! We ordered gyros with white cabbage-salad and tsatsiki in a bread pocket I've forgotten the name of (sorry – it wasn’t pitta bread is all I can come up with). I had a problem with mine – there was a non-advertised slice of tomato in it and I can’t eat those. With great trepidation and a nice smile I explained the situation to the server – I needn’t have worried, she changed it, no problem, with an even nicer smile. Amd it was delicious! It wasn’t proper gyros (it had been done in a frying pan, not carved from a spit) but who cared!
    We took it outside to eat and watched people getting mega-wet on Poseidon. We read that this is based on `a ride in Florida´ and we’re convinced it’s Atlantis in Seaworld. Only much more of it seems to be outside than we remember so maybe it isn’t. It figures – German weather’s SO much better for getting wet outdoors in! And boy did the riders get drenched. There were two places where they hurtled down into the water and we could see the riders’ faces clearly both times – fun! Between mouthfuls Roland kept repeating his favourite saying from our WDW holiday - `You may get wet. Seriously wet!´
    And then behind Poseidon was the Silver Star’s biggest drop. When we’d told him we were going to the EP, Kai (our beloved nephew) had said we MUST do the Silver Star. On your bike sunshine! But watching it was fascinating.
    Right, we’d eaten, on with the show! Greece has an attraction called Kassandra’s Curse (ignore the website which says it’s Escape from Kassandra, they got Fluch and Flucht confused when they translated it). Legend has it that Kassandra prophesied things, like the fall of Troy and various deaths including her own. So they trapped her spirit but it escaped and took over the ride. I'm paraphrasing but I swear that’s the gist of it. I never did quite work the curse bit out but the ride was meant to be altered perceptions – it looked like you were going upside down but it was just that the boat rocked from side to side and the walls turned so that the `ceiling´ was the floor, etc. The effect was spoiled by the fact that you were facing half the audience and as they obviously weren’t going upside down then you weren’t either. That sums the ride up but it misses out the most important bit – it was still fun to do! It was nice to pretend that it was real: I doubt whether cynics would see it that way but we were mercifully spared them and everyone came out smiling.
    I mentioned in part one that we were worried how crowded the park would be – we needn’t have worried. It was very manageable. The only problem we came across (though admittedly we didn’t do a lot of the headliners) was at the loos in Greece. No other loos had queues but that one was a killer. We moved on – there were loos in every country so it wasn’t a problem.
    There was an Ice Revue in Greece – my in-laws said it was very good but it was 40 mins till the next one so we decided we’d try and see a later show…
    Just in case you’re wondering why we didn’t organise ourselves better – there weren’t any entertainment schedules and apart from a board we found at the end of the day when we were back in France we never saw anything to indicate when the shows were till we got to them. And we were home before we even found out there was a parade! Maybe it didn’t happen on Tuesdays, we never heard anything. Oh well…
    I missed the puppet show in the entrance to Russia. Roland caught the end and said it was nice – I was too busy taking photos of the beautiful entrance building. Next time someone says `what country would you like to see in Epcot´ I know just what I’m going to answer.
    Russia was the country I was most looking forward to and not just because I studied Russian history. I was looking forward to the architecture, the crafts, the shop and we both hoped for some typical food. Hmmm… Well, the architecture was nice. But the crafters were all on breaks or not there. I tried several times but no show. The potter was the best – he was sitting on the stairs at the back of his shop every time I went in, watching his potential audience reading his `I am on a break´ sign and looking hopefully up at him.
    The shops were even more disappointing – nothing nice AT ALL, Russian or otherwise.
    And the food… if I tell you that the stand was called Euroburger, I think you’ll get the picture.
    But Russia did have a cute ride (I liked it more than Roland but then I like Small World more than he does) called The Little Snowflake, based on a Russian fairy tale about a childless couple who the Winter (?) King sees and helps by turning a snowflake into a little girl for them. Only, when the weather warms up she doesn’t feel too good so they all wave goodbye to her and she and two bear cubs have lots of adventures before she gets home. It reminded us both of the Snow White ride only without the witch and as I don’t like the witch I was happy! Though I'm still worried about that couple – nobody seemed to care that the poor things were childless again.
    There were two rides in Russia that we didn’t do (considering we were there 9 ½ hours and never stopped there’s an awful lot we didn’t do!). One was a simulator called the Taiga-Shuttle. Simulators make me ill and if I'm going to be self-induced ill on my birthday then only because I've stuffed myself silly. (Boma or Akershus full, either’s ok with me).
    The other one we didn’t do is ever so hard to put into words. It was a bit like a Wild Mouse, in, out and round large cylindrical buildings made of opaque blue glass – that any good?
    But next to Russia was Chocoland. What – you’ve never heard of Chocoland? Neither have we but if we ever find it we’re moving there the next day!

    To be continued…
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    Oct 20, 2000
    Great report!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I want one of those "I am on a Break" signs... :D
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Thanks for the report. Its always interesting reading about the parks around the world. :)
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    Aug 18, 2001
    My favorite 'I haven't heard this one before (or I need a translation LOL)

    Ok, I know what a loo is (I think) but I didn't know it was spelled this way LOL

    Thanks for another great TR, Carol!
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    Dec 12, 2001
    Hi Yepod!
    I reckon you'll be fine with `on your bike´. It's a very useful little phrase...
    You must know loos - I used them all the time in M&Us. I use them all the time everywhere!
    Take care


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