Update - Im home!! I dont want to go back to work - Im home now and it's snowing!!


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Apr 28, 2001
Snow is getting much heavier. School was dismissed 20mins early. Just took my lunch time to bring DS home. Now I get to go back to work for 1.5hrs and then drive home again!!
By then I'll be lucky to ditch the car!

Boy has the snow gotten bad. They let us out of work 1/2hr early. Once the boss decided to go the rest of us booked it! Not even 5min notice so we just left everything and went.
It has gotten much heavier. On the way back to work the roads had been sanded but not on the way back home. Im in for the night - good luck everyone
They let our school out 20 min. early yesterday (kids don't have school yet--not til Monday). I had to take a real long way to my parents because both main routes had accidents--we got 5 inches of snow in 5 hours and sleet last night, so we had a snow day today.
I didn't go ANYWHERE once I got home!
Robin M.
It's snowing and sleeting here and I have a 30mile drive home from work at 6pm.
Be very careful driving back to work, too bad you have to go back for such a short time.
I'm home too.

My 21 mile drive from work which is mostly highway & takes 30 minutes, took 1 hr & 45 minutes to get home. :rolleyes:

DH is STILL not home!


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