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Jul 16, 2007
Yes. I went straight t Disney's facebook page and it confirmed she had passed.
Hers was one of the first names and facts I learned when I started learning about Disney history back in the day. Had friends who loved to talk Disney history and factoids, and play trivia, and I crammed knowledge, not wanting to be left out.

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Jan 7, 2004
I'm having a lazy Sunday for cooking. It looks like dh has a busy week because of cardiac rehab 3 times a week (doing well) plus this week he gets his lungs check. We think he is doing great with good oxygen before and after workouts plus he is doing great on watching his diet/fluids....a lot of weight was lost in late May/early June, but he is losing at least several pounds a week. DH had a nutrition class last week and he had Trader Joe's canned jackfruit in a bbq sauce (they used the recipe that is on the Trader Joe's site) plus other dishes. I did lose weight, but not a lot yet by cutting way back on the sodium.

We hope to start be planning a small vacation soon. The dog is hope to go on vacation soon...but, she might be in disppointed that she is not getting a trip to a dude ranch, Orlando Best Friends pet resort on WDW property, or a dog friendly resort like the cabins at FT. Wilderness. She loves Disney you-tubers. Oreo needs her vacation to be more local if we fly. I hope that she still enjoy the playroom and the staff. We have used this kennel for a long time and their current location is awesome.
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    Feb 9, 2017
    The economic trade war continues and this time I think it's in full escalation mode. The market today took a major tumble , and although arguably predicted, I feel long-term it is for the best for those of us in U.S. that are vested in the marketplace. A friend and investment confidant of mine told me, "Mark, don't try to time the market". I sat back in my chair and said, "But, risk is where everyone else is risk-averse lays". Well, I lost $$,$$$ over the years. From the dot-com boom/bust to the wearable computers; I thought any market/sector/stock is subject to my touch of death.

    So circling back to current day, I've been MUCH more conservative and realize that when you have a solid gain, above the S&P, NASDAQ, 90'ish day moving average, it's time to lessen your position. Today's market events reminded me that I will never outsmart the market, I will likely never be a day-trader (like I did P/T), but that I enjoy the research and risk of the market.


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    Nov 30, 2013
    14 year old and I ended up pulling a basic all nighter on Sunday night getting the last minute things ready for her 4-H non animal entries done for judging on Monday. I also had to type the papers for all of my non verbal special needs (Profound Apraxia) 11 year old's entries for judging day and get 14 year old's record book sheets typed up. Registration check in started at 8:30 AM and we aimed to be there at that time. Didn't make it; but considering that most years we are there at 5 or 6 PM with judging ending at 7 or 7:30 we were on time. So glad that I could sit with a friend from our club and her younger kids while her oldest was taking his items to be judged. Some of the rest of the club parents were there but they ignored us and even talked very little to us when we would say anything to them. Right now due to how this bunch is treating my kids especially my 14 year old we are at the point that either we are starting a new club ( depends on what my friend who was sitting by me and another family decide what to do) or we are transfering clubs. I was considering waiting and seeing how this coming year went if the other familes did not want to start a new club; but after hearing one of the other moms sitting there tell someone that a certain project that my kids do not take was a requirement to be in the club I decided that we are done. It is clear to me that because we will not be taking that project ever that my kids are going to be discriminated against even more than they have this year. Things have changed this year with many of the families we were friends with either aging out or not being in and the ones who have known my special needs girl since she was a toddler are not there. The new families have this she gets by with too much and should be made to do the same as the others no allowances. Excuse me but her ability is much lower so deal with it. Anyways here are the results of how my girls did.
    11 year old red ribbons on her fudge (microwave), cheesy popcorn (microwave), cookies (other food baked item); blue ribbons on her granola (microwave), hot drinks and treats basket (microwave project-she is dontating this to a friend of ours who is on the list for a kidney transplant to help raise the money), scratch art (open art), table setting (the clerk taking her around said she was wondering how the Minnie Mouse theme would be this year), photo story (photography), portrait-color (photography); and best of class nomination on her 2 black and white photos (photography)-one of them is of 14 year old in the waist gunner posistion of a B-17 Bomber, and the other one of a friend of our's dog. She will get to put them up for the buy a piece of 4-H sale
    14 year old got red ribbons on her whistle singles poster (archery), one of her ceramics; blues on 2 of her ceramics, her water color (visual arts), her 3 photogaphy exhibits (photo story, small album of photos she took throughout the year was supposed to be 8-15 but I think she had a few more, and her colored portrait), and a best of class nomination on one of her ceramics.
    Tomorrow is a slow day other than 11 year old has speech and occupational therapy and I do need to go get a new debit card at the bank along with stopping at Best Buy to get another ipad charger cord and a charge box. Wednesday the plan is to go in for the set up time and then we are going to visit some friends (nice but it also gets us out of the help do the club booth where my girls will get treated unkindly so I am not making them stay to help-it is a anyone can come who wants to situation and well the only reason we are even going down is for them to set up their items for sale (that is really hard take the paper with the amount they are asking for their item and put it on the sale tables in the front of the room along with their item). Thursday the plan is to just stay home and do as little as possible and Friday is going to depend on if DH gets called into work-if he doesn't he will take the girls down to do rides for a few hours. I tore my knee out last year and trying to get around is hard this year so I will stay home. Saturday is going to a friend's wedding reception in the afternoon than going down to the fair where 11 year old has her hospitality, hopefully 14 year old can do her poetry and 14 year old is participating in a quiz bowl. The next week we have events down there on Tuesday night for the non animal projects awards ceremony, Wednesday 14 year old has edible arts and is working one of the 2 club times at the ice cream booth (there are a number of the still nicer members of the club who will be working with her and the ones that are not I trust the ones who are to put them in their place if necessary), along with helping the family who did not sit by us and might be starting the new club keep their aisle clean for their animals during some show times, and 14 year old has a class where she judges items on Friday. If they have not gotten to do rides again it will be is DH working if not her will take them down the last Saturday. Much easier than most years where we are down there all but 2 of the 8 days.


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    Nov 30, 2013


    Color versions of 11 year olds photos she got a Best of Class Nomination with. We got the results early this year both in an email and on the county 4-H facebook page and neither of the girls got a Best of Class this year. I will need to take a picture of 14 year old's ceramics tomorrow when we are down there along with some of their other exhibits.


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