Universal Studios with an 11 month old?

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    Can an infant ride many rides at Universal Studios? When we go to Orlando in March, our youngest son will be 11 months old. ( our 2 other kids are 4 & 6) I can pretty much guarantee that he will not be walking, since he just started being able to sit up w/o support. He would be fine on our laps though, and maybe even able to sit next to us on a ride.

    Do you think he would be able to ride much of anything? I know that at Disney he will be able to ride most things. Do you think it would be pointless to attempt a day at Universal Studios with him? We've gone to other amusement parks with him this past summer, and didn't mind him not being able to ride almost anything (besides train and merry go round!). But Disney/Universal is a little different. My DH or I didn't care about missing a ride on a tilt-a-whirl, but both of us are going to want to ride everything at Universal.
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    Unlike Disney, Universal has a rule where the child can not be on your lap on the rides. So he would have to sit next to you guys. At 11 months that should be okay. At IOA he can ride CaroSeussel, One Fish Two Fish, and Cat in the Hat ride(be aware that this spins a lot and is kind of a rough ride...think Mr. Toad's Wild Ride).

    For rides at Universal he can do Jimmy Neutron and Shrek(in the seats that don't move). He can also do the ET ride, Jaws, and Disaster.

    Fortunately for parents, Universal has GREAT baby swap areas. They're typically inside and air conditioned. Have fun!
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    Apr 12, 2005
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    depending on the dates in march, it could be a busy time.

    positively, definitely use the child swap.
    it is step up where the first riders can reride after the baby switch.
    the child swap rooms are very convenient and comfy for those that wait.

    if you are staying on site, it should be a smooth easy trip to the parks for you.

    the baby might enjoy the play area at the studios side.
    very colorful and the other children might enjoy it also.

    i say go for it. the older children will remember the trip and have fun there. it will be a nice family trip even with a baby.

    take a stroller or rent one. the little might sleep some if you all stay for a full day and not do return trips back to the hotel.

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