Universal Resorts are top rate, with or without FOTL


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May 29, 2000
There's been a lot of debate recently about the changes to FOTL for the resorts at Universal. Having stayed at both resorts and many other hotels of all sorts, I'd just like to point out that in my opinion both the PBH and HRH are among the top ten hotels in Orlando. The PBH is in the top few and the HRH in the top ten ...

Given that status, if you compare their rates to the rates of other hotels of similar quality and amenities in Orlando, the PBH and HRH are very competitively priced.

That is totally ignoring the added Universal benefits! We're still going to get FOTL ... not as good as before, but it will still be there.

To sum up, even with the decrease in benefits, the PBH and HRH are great hotels, and would be so even if you were not visiting the parks
My thoughts exactly! :)


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The hotels are a destination all on their own! I have yet to stay at the HRH, but I would definately want to go back and stay at the Portofino, even if there were no parks in the vicinity! :D


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