Uk Safari to the land of dreams

Rick Walmsley

Earning My Ears
Aug 5, 2001
I have been reading these forums for some time now (as well as the uk version as thats where I am from)
I would like to thank all contributors for all the valueable information and links available.

I honeymooned at Disney in 1993 and have been hoping to get back ever since!

The arrival of my children who are now 7 and 5 and other financial constraints have meant that this has not been possible.

I have however been saving a bit a a time for three years already and am planning to come to Disney in 2003 for a MONTH (might as well do it properly while the opportunity's available)

Clearly this is going to take alot of planning/expense and I can see no better forum to try and make the trip the experience of a lifetime). Although I have picked up a mass of information I will hopefuly be asking lots and lots of questions in order to assist in the planning.

Finally I extend my condolonces to all of those that have been affected by the tragic events of Sept 11th. As a member of the emergency services in the UK I can say its effects have spread far an wide. The UK continues to support you all in the fight against evil.
Rick Welcome to the US Dis!! when this site was down last week I had the chance to check out the UK DIS! Everyone there was so welcoming!! Now I get the chance to return the favor!! I'm looking forward to your questions!!

One thing I can share right away to save you Money is Watch the Disney Seasons,Value $$ Season ,Regular $$$ Season and PEAK $$$$ SEASON 2/14/02-4/20/02 avoid this one ,and then Holiday$$$$$Season 12/20/02 - 1/31/02, our Chistmas time, your Boxing Day,also one to avoid!

The other dates vary but you can veiw them at this site

And if you aren't familar with here is the Discounts page for WDW Resorts

and offsite

I hope this helps gets you started!!


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