UK layover advice?


Jan 29, 2011
Hello UK!

I have a 10 hours layover in London, flying from US to Paris.

Can someone share the best route from Heathrow to London city? And back to airport? What metro to take and get off?

What’s the best travel method to hit, Buckingham Palace, London Eye and what else is a must that is reasonable within our timeline?

Any recommendation for a lunch spot!?

I’m hoping to store luggage at airport but we have a family of 7 so any tips to commute around quickly would greatly appreciate!

Thank you!!!

A Small World

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Feb 22, 2007
You can get the piccadilly line (Blue) on the tube (underground) from Heathrow to Green Park which is close to Buckingham Palace and then either walk from there or go back to the tube station and take the Jubilee line (Grey) to Westminister or Waterloo which will be close to the London Eye.

Heathrow Airport is outside of London so it will take you approx an hour to get from there to central London by tube.
Another option is to get the Heathrow Express which is a train not underground and does not stop on route so is quicker however it is more expensive. It will take you to Paddington Station so you could then get the underground from there.

What time of year are you travelling and who are the 7 people? Are there young children? People who struggle to walk etc as that will help determine the best option for you. Also what time of day do you arrive ?

You could look at doing a hop on hop off bus tour to take you round


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Dec 29, 2013
10 hours is NOT a lot of time .Think it through .

Gather 7 people after " Pit Stop " & snacks == 1/2 hour gone

Go to train station & buy tickets ...... Remember to take Passports & Flight tickets with you ...... as you are LEAVING

Airport add another HOUR

Train to London one hour ===== Time used 2 1/2 hours

Find how to use the underground & buy tickets ( + pit stop ? ) time used 3 hours total

Sightseeing 3 hours MAX TIME used 6 hours

NOW time for food at least an hour .... TIME used 7 hours

NOW TRY to find correct underground tube train & catch the train back to Heathrow ==== 2 hours

TIME USED 9 hours

THEN you have to go THROUGH SECURITY & Passport ....... TIME USED ??????


HOPE this helps .
  • Lashed34

    Aug 18, 2019
    If you really want to see something in London then you really need to get the Heathrow Express train that goes into Paddington station. The tube (Piccadilly line)takes forever and you'll get very frustrated as the time ebbs away. The Express is more expensive but takes a 3rd of the time of the tube. Once you're at Paddington you're only a few stops away from Tower Hill, so you can visit the Tower Of London - however, you'll still be pushed for seeing it all in a relaxing way - most people spend the day at the Tower and you never know what queues will be like. But whatever you decide to do - DON'T GET THE TUBE - you'll be wasting valuable time...GET THE EXPRESS TO PADDINGTON.


    Feb 27, 2017
    Yes. Heathrow express to Paddington. Get the Bakerloo line southbound and get off at baker Street. There you only have to walk across the platform to get onto the jubilee line southbound. No steps, long walks etc.

    I would get off Westminster. See London eye, houses of parliament, outside of Westminster abbey and you can either walk through at james' park to buck palace, or you can hop back on jubilee line to green park and walk from there.

    Buckingham palace is only open to visitors in the summer but there's the queen's gallery or the royal mews if you fancy seeing a bit more. Around there you can find lots of food options on the way south to Victoria station but I would head back up to green park station as it's on picadilly and there are lots of places around Mayfair - have a play on Google maps to see what you fancy.

    If you had a whole day there are other places I would send you, but I think that's all you'll fit in without it getting stressful.


    Feb 27, 2017
    If you do have a little more time, whilst you're on the jubilee line you could hop off at bond Street station. Just to the north is a lovely little free museum called the Wallace collection. It's not huge, nothing like the wonderful big museums London has, but if you just want to see some suits of armour, the odd triptych and a few paintings then it's a good destination. It's lovely and quiet compared to nearby Oxford Street and all its shops.

    Near there "st Christopher's place' has a variety of restaurants

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