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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by shan136, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Mar 15, 2010
    We are going on our first family disney vacation in November, and everyone on the boards has been so helpful...thank you.

    We decided on the basic DDP because our one child DD6 is a very picky eater and it seemed to be the best way to go. We are vacationing with my sister's family and they are on the DxDP and we will be eating most of our ts meals with them. As a result/compromise me & DH will be paying for 2 dinners OOP.

    Our first night we are there we will not be on the DDP, so that is our 1st OOP dinner. We are eating at Kona Cafe, I am budgeting $97 for a family of 3 (2 adults, 1 child) including 3 alcoholic beverages and tip. Does that sound feasible?

    The other meal I think we will probably pay OOP is breakfast at Chef Mickey's. Adults are 26.62 and kids are 13.99 so I am budgeting $78 (incl. tip). I was thinking that this will be the most economical, since it is a buffet and we will not be adding any alcohol to the bill. Are there any other added on expenses for this meal?

    Our other ADRs are:
    Crystal Palace, early dinner
    Whispering Canyon, dinner
    Sci-fi, Lunch
    50's Cafe, Dinner
    Coral Reef, Dinner
    Beirgarten, Dinner

    Any feedback is welcome since I am suddenly nervous about the plan now that we have made the ADRs.
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    If you can remember, pay for your meals at Chef Mickey's and use your son's TS credit. Then pay out of pocket for his lunch at Sci-Fi. That should save you about $5.

    You can check out the prices of the Kona Cafe here http://www.wdwinfo.com/disney-dining-plan.htm just scroll down til you see Kona Cafe and click on it. The menu will pop up.

    Check out the menu for 50's Prime Time Cafe also. I ordered the fried chicken meal and it had 4 pieces of chicken. I plan on sharing that meal with my niece this year. You could do something similar with your son if you think that will work. I have booked one extra TS breakfast so that we can use her TS and I will pay out of pocket for mine.

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