Tree Houses and BLT stay...BLT wins for us.....

Discussion in 'DVC Resorts' started by jimbostacks, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Feb 19, 2007
    Hey Guys:

    My wife and I wanted to try our last two DVC resorts - Tree Houses and BLT during Easter Break.

    Tree Houses - Overall not a big fan, probably for the main reasons others love them.
    - It was nice having a 3rd bedroom with the in-laws staying with us.
    - Quiet pool, was quiet, very private. I prefer to have life guards around and the pool parties, etc... We walked to the Springs pool at night and had fun there.
    - The bus or extra walking to catch busses to the parks got old by the third day, especially for the slower moving folks in our group.
    - The living area is pretty small for visiting, but this is common for most of the villas in WDW..except OKW.
    - very nice deck with private grill.
    - boat to DTD is a nice perk and relaxing.
    ***Overall too quiet and too far from the "action" for me....

    BLT - The family loved it here and is now second to BCV for our favorite place to stay.
    - We had a standard view room and I was worried where it would be, it was 7229 and was much better than I expected. The view was palm trees and aI could hear the fountains....not much to see...but relaxing.
    - Being close to Magic Kingdom and monorail to Epcot was great as expected.
    - Busses to HS/AK was a pain, and was hit or miss on convenience. Very crowded busses usually as it seemed like a long time between.
    - With 8 of us in the room - having three showers and bathrooms was awesome!!!
    - Also semed the living room was bigger than expted to hang out
    - Loved being close to the pool, Contemporary for food, arcade, store, church service, etc....
    - The pool was probably one of the highlights.
    - crowded, but we expected it with Spring Break.
    - you could order room service to pool if you wanted more than the snack stuff and sandwiches.
    - I really like how quick from our room that you were at the pool, arcade, stores, etc....
    - liked the pool bar and sitting area to relax and just take in the beauty of the lake next to the pool.

    Had great vacation and more relaxing than in the past.....I was surprised how much my family like BLT and were more excited about the Treehouses before the trip.....
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    Oct 20, 2008
    Great reviews! We have never been interested in trying the Treehouses...they seem so seperated from everyone. We LOVE the feel of a resort and the houses seem more like camping. I want to share our experiene with other guests.

    We are HOPING to get BLT for our Spring Break trip next year. Did you book exactly 7 months out, to the day? Staying there will be a dream for me. Ever since I saw the Contemporary for the first time in 78' I promised myself ONE day I'd stay there!:lovestruc
  3. jimbostacks

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    Feb 19, 2007
    Unfortunately I am one of those guys that change his reservation repeadedly........:confused3...

    At the 7 month, I actually had a Theme Park 3Br and a Lake View studio....went back and forth all over the place, even had BWV for abit. When my Mom could not go, I decided to save points and squeeze into a 2BR. The tree houses were available and with 8 people wanted to try the extra bedroom. Availability jimps around...would think you could get something at 7 months for Spring Break.

    We have been going to WDW at Spring break and specifically around Easter....crowded, but we go early and hang at the resort. My older kids are fine with pool all day. Plus you can do other stuff around the lake at BLT, etc.....
    Good Luck!!

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