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Oct 7, 2000
I need some advice. Forgive the length of this, but.... DH and I are scheduled to fly out of Logan on 2/14 to spend a week at his conference in Orlando. Made our ressies ages ago. Now our 14-year-old daughter has decided she wants to go. Needless to say, this creates transportation problems. Though there are seats available on our flight coming/going, it would now cost over $700 (we paid $250). Though DH is 14, she has never flown before, is scared, and is learning disabled so I can't just leave her at the airport. She gets terribly confused very easily. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can handle this? I'd be more than willing to cancel my flight with American, take the voucher (even though I have no plans to fly anywhere else this year), and book a flight with DD. But DH won't hear of it. I spent all weekend trying to find a real cheap fare, but the best I could do was $232. I don't think that's bad, but we would be losing some $$. I'm hoping you'll have some knowledge that will be helpful? Thanks --

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Could you just change the name on one of your existing tickets and send her with you or DH, then get a single ticket for the single traveler? I'm not sure if they'd charge for a name change, but that could keep you from having a voucher hanging over your head.

Best of Luck!
Just wanted you to know I'm just now seeing your post, and I've got to run out for a little while, so I'll re-read it and respond a little later.

You cannot change the name on an airline ticket. It is strictly forbidden by the contract of carriage.
I'm not clear on what you mean by DH won't hear of it. Hear of what? That you can't spend $700 or that he doesn't want her to go?

You said your departure date is 2/14. What is your return date?

Is flying out of Providence, for example, an option for you if the fare is a lot less?

I really can't offer a specific suggestion until I know your return date. For example, there is availability in the $300+ range on AA BOS-MCO for 2/14-21. If those are your travel dates, you could change your ticket to those flights after paying a $75 change fee and then purchase a ticket for your daughter on the same flights.

I'm happy to help you further, but I just need a little more information.

our email system has been having problems. Turns out we're being shut down today -- but at least I've got new back up. But I digress. We return on 2/20. And I guess I could fly out of Providence, would probably prefer that drive to getting into Boston. What DH won't hear of is spending $700. He'd like to see DD go with us. But we have a very tight budget. I've been checking every day on Expedia, but so far no luck and rates just keep going up (no surprise there). If we weren't flying in the winter, I'd let her go alone, but so many schedule changes can occur because of bad weather, I'm just not comfortable with that idea.

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Flying out of Providence will not help you. For your travel dates, it's even higher than flying out of Boston. I would recommend calling AA and explaining to them exactly what your situation is and try to see if they can suggest an affordable alternative. Sometimes airlines make exceptions and you'll never know unless you try. Good luck to you.
what you might want to think about too is calling AA and getting a customer svc agent on the line and explaining the situation to them. they might waive a certain fare restriction for you or they can get their fares desk to open up a seat in a lower class of service for you. you might not get a 200 rt fare but they might give you one for 300. all they can do is say no. it wouldn't hurt to ask. I have seen it done before. or they could let you change your tkt to match one for her at no charge to you. no penalty of the 75 change fee.(when I say a customer svc agt I do not mean a general sales agent. I mean a higher up like a sup.

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I did try AA earlier today and spoke with a very nice lady She said there was nothing else I could do. But maybe tomorrow I'll try again and ask for a supervisor. DD just won't accept that she isn't going to make it this trip, and I'd like to have her with me, but at this point it doesn't look too promising. :(

Counting the Hours Til We're Back in the World

Mother-of-Four (Five, If You Count My Husband)
If this was happening to's what I'd do...have DD fly with DH on your ticket. If she's 14 she won't be asked for ID. Then take that $232 fare you found for yourself of even bid on Priceline. Good luck & let us know what happens.


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