Travels in Orlando part 2

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  1. Sue F UK

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    Mar 1, 2002
    Travels in Orlando Part 2
    The Travellers: Me (Sue) - Planner, mine of information and enforcer of time schedules
    Jorge - DH & big kid
    Rebecca - DD aged 6 and world class chatterbox
    The Rookies: Eileen - My Mum. Disabled ECV driver and biggest kid of them all.
    John - My Dad - Disney sceptic.
    Pat - Jorge’s Mum - not into Disney but wants to get a tan.

    Day 3 - 18/02/02
    Magic Kingdom

    The trouble with there being 6 of you is that it takes a while to get everyone fed and organised in the morning so we finally set off for MK at 9.30am amid much stamping of feet and pointed looks from me. Cross the lake on the ferry with a massive crowd and a sinking feeling - this is going to be a seriously busy day. When they spy the Castle Mum and Dad finally start to appreciate the sheer scale of Disney - they were expecting something like Alton Towers!! Bag check is HEAVING and we finally get into the park at 10.45am. Another 20 mins to hire Pat an electric scooter ($35) and then we walk up Main Street and stop to watch the new show on the forecourt stage. Its so much better without all those annoying smiley dancers and with more characters. I go get the FP for Buzz Lightyear and they are already up to 12.45pm. We walk around the park to Fantasy land - there’s not much point going on any rides as the lines are already huge. We manage a go on Snow Whites Scary Adventure and battle through Minnie & Mickey’s houses before heading down to Tomorrowland. Mum and I go on the people mover while the others do Buzz Lightyear. Needless to say - Jorge stuffed them all and Dad complains loudly that Jorge knew where the ‘bonus’ panel was, you can tell he secretly enjoyed it though - I think we may have a convert on our hands. Mum and Dad are showing signs of strain and I don’t want to push them on their first visit so, sadly, we decide to forgo the parade and head back to the villa for R&R and a lovely swim before heading back tonight for the Fireworks and Spectromagic.

    Crossing the lake on the way back Mum spies the pontoon boats out on the water “Wouldn’t it be lovely to go on one of those” she says. At this point I spring my big surprise which I have been keeping for weeks - I have booked the illuminations cruise for us all. Dad calls me devious, quite unjustly in my opinion. The cruise is all set for Saturday and I can’t wait.
    Ponderosa on the 192 for dinner - Dad is very impressed as it appeals to his stingier instincts. We feasted on pork chops with lovely apple sauce and mashed potatoes - along with the usual ‘all you can eat’ buffet of spaghetti bolognese, tacos, chicken wings and chicken nuggets etc. Half way through the meal disaster strikes. I manage to knock Rebecca’s grape juice all over my lovely cream trousers!! There was no way I was going to Spectromagic covered in purple blotches so I rush back to the villa and dump them in cold water so they won‘t stain. 20 mins later and OH MY GOD!!!! I had left the Disney Tickets in the pocket of my trousers. After spending 10 minutes ironing the tickets dry I am officially declared a ‘no ticket’ zone and the word ‘Alzheimers’ is mentioned repeatedly. Honestly, it could happen to anyone!! Couldn’t it?

    Back at MK we are confined to using the ferry due to mum’s chair but we don’t mind as the Castle is changing colours - beautiful. We check the still damp tickets at guest relations and the kind CM changes them with a grin for new ones, just in case.

    Walk up Main Street which is busy with people leaving after the 7pm Spectromagic. There are two tonight and we watch the 8pm fireworks and 9pm parade. Tinkerbell shoots down and the fireworks start - they are spectacular, better than last year. We settle down with hot chocolate and wait for the The Spectromagic Parade. It is simply stunning with the thousands of little lights twinkling. Rebecca especially loves the little dancing fish who appears in the middle of the parade and I love the way the Peter Pan float suddenly changes from white to coloured lights as if by magic. Mum is in floods of tears by the end. Even Dad has a lump in his throat and says that it is, technically the most impressive parade he has ever seen.

    Pat has decided to stay at the villa which is a shame - she’ll never know what she missed.

    Back to villa - tired but happy.

    Day 4 - 19/02/02
    Wet and Wild and Walmart Revisited
    No parks today as we are all tired after MK yesterday so after breakfast at Dennys (Becky’s favourite for their smiley face pancakes) we troop up to Walmart on Kirkman Road to do it justice. It really is an Alladins cave and two hours later we emerge laden with food, shoes and handbags and a ’Remington Fuzzaway’ for Jorge - apparently he’s always wanted one. They get the fuzz off your jumpers . We then head down to W&W. It’s really busy and queueing for the rides takes an age so we spend a couple of hours playing in the wave pool before the weather gets windy and we drive down IDrive to Pointe Orlando. We wander round all the shops and have fun looking round FAO Schartz and jumping on the piano floor. Mum even does a passable ’God save the Queen’. Across the road to Daryll’s for dinner. Their slow cooked ribs melt in the mouth for Jorge and Dad while mum and I go for the ’Pulled Pork Sandwich’ with lovely ’Loaded Mashed Potatoes’. Pat opts for the Shrimp and Becky has a Cheeseburger. 6 clean plates and two half eaten slabs of Cheesecake later we head home and I have my first US bath in the massive tub in our room. By that I mean I have always had hotel showers before - not that I never wash!!!
  2. CarolynU

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    Feb 28, 2002
    Now the saga of the grape juice sounds just like me. I can also imagine the idea of washing the park tickets. Surely there can't be two scatty people. Carolyn
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  4. UKDEB

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    Jul 7, 2000
    Lucky escape with the passes! Did you rescue the trousers too or are they still purple?

    We haven't done Darryl's for ages - must give it a visit in October. Do they still let you write on the brick walls? The last time we went must have been in 1996 when the girls were 11 and 8. They couldn't get over the legal grafitti! We were with my brother whose name is Daryl - they figured out that an anagram of his name is LARDY and they wrote <b>Uncle Lardy woz 'ere</b> on the wall. He's been Uncle Lardy ever since!
  5. Dave Cousins

    Dave Cousins Mouseketeer

    May 2, 2000
    Nightmare for the passes getting wet but it is great that they changed them for you - Good old Disney. Another great report...brings back loads of memories.

  6. jessie2

    jessie2 Mouseketeer

    Mar 5, 2002
    Lovely reports, in 1996 I left my bag containing Dis passes on Pirates Cove I drive, I can remember the feeling now when I realized. All ended well, my bag and its contents had been handed in by an American lady. Was I grateful!

    :rolleyes: Jessie
  7. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful report - luv reading them!!!

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