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    Mar 23, 2006
    I was just wondering if anyone one the board has ever used the Murry Hill Transportation service? I have reserved MH service to pick us up from MCO upon arrival. The reason I went with this service was because of the 30 minute grocery store run at Publix (which will hopefully save money on bottled water, etc) and because I can rent a deluxe stroller from them for $20.00 for the whole week of our stay (which will be less hassle then trying to take our own on the plane and also trying to rent on from WDW). I also liked the fact that they will also pick us up and have a carseat for our DD2.

    If anyone has any info on MH transportation, I would appreciate some feedback.

    Mechelle :crazy: (mom and trip planner) :earsgirl: (allyson DD2)
    :goofy: (DH)

    12 more days till WDW Ash Family Vacation......1st timers pixiedust:
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    I'm using them for the first time this year, too, but John, the owner, practically won me over! I asked him about the cost to see if he would match Tiffany because I've used them in the past, and he's giving me an AWESOME deal, then also giving me a deal on getting my daughter's dad the next day on a one way. I wanted a toaster for my room and asked if they ever rent those out (since they rent everything else) and he said that was a good idea and he was going to start renting them and would let me use mine for free! :teeth: :thumbsup2 I'm getting such a great deal that I really can't complain about too much as long as we get to WDW in one piece!
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    I am cheap - I would go with DME (disney magical express). It is free if you are staying onsite at WDW!!!

    I would bring my own stroller - do you have a cheap one with an umbrella - the florida sun can be hot. Orlando airport is BIG. you will need the stroller before you get to WDW.

    most of the towncars places will stop 30 minutes for a grocery stop. You just have to make the request when you make the reservation. Not when you are leaving WDW - it has to be scheduled....

    I haven't heard anything about this one - but go ask on the transportation board. here is a link

    if you want groceries - for little things try the gift/general store at your WDW resort.

    for big things - try

    I have used wegoshop and been very pleased!
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    Jun 22, 2005
    I agree ME, I get almost 2 meals for Me and DW from not paying for the towncar.

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