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    We are planning a WDW (& Universal) trip for mid-May. We have good friends in Orlando who would love for us to stay with them, but our DD also wants the experience of staying in one of the Disney properties. We arrived at a compromise by staying 2 nights with our friends and 3 nights at a resort.

    However, the logistics are a little daunting. Questions:

    1) We won't need transportation from the airport when we arrive, but we do want to utilize it back TO the airport from the resort. Can we do it one way only?

    2) On the day of the "switch", we will be driving a rental car to MK, then leaving mid-day to do check-in at the resort. Does the whole family have to check in together, or can one of us take care of it while the rest stays in MK?

    3) When we have to return the rental car, then get back to the resort, can we get a taxi to do that? Is there some ID we have to show to get back into the resort?

    Thank you! :confused3
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    1) Yes. It may be able to be arranged online but you can set it up either at the hotel or via the phone reservations line.

    2) Only the credit card holder needs to check in. You can also check in online and then pick up your room keys at the end of the day if you'd prefer.

    3) Your room key will get you back into the resort. There is also a guard there that you can explain the situation to if your key doesn't work for some reason and they will let you in.

    Have fun!
  3. DizDaD7

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    1) Yes

    2)No the whole family doesn't have to be there.

    3) Usually they have a shuttle to either pick you up and/ or drop you back off at the resort. The car rental service, that is.


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