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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by NatsyNoo, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Oct 17, 2010
    Hi all

    We are staying at WDW for 15 nights before hopefully getting a 7 night western cruise in September 2012. We will be hiring a car and concluding our trip on the cruise (we'll fly home on disembarkment day) so will be dropping off our car at the Disney Car Care Center on our last day and then using ground transportation from our resort (OKW) to Port Canaveral

    We will then have several hours after disembarkment before we are due at the airport to check in for our flight home

    So our questions are:

    1. What time does the DCL transfer bus usually leave WDW for the port?

    2. What is the latest disembarkment time?

    3. We will not need to check in for our flight home until 4pm on disembarkment day so we will have several hours between disembarkment and needing to travel to MCO
    As far as I see it we have only 1 option - to hire a car for the day - if so, where can we do this from? Can we drop it off at MCO? Any idea of rough costs?
    Could we get ground transportation back to WDW and then use the Magical Express back to MCO when it's time to leave and leave our baggage at the resort we'll be staying at during our 15 night stay at WDW OKW resort? Was thinking we could hang out at DTD or something?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Feb 24, 2005
    1. It depends on the resort. AKL usually doesn't pick up until 12:30pm. Not sure about your resort. You can call and ask, though this far ahead it's subject to change.

    2. You have to be off the ship by 9am.

    3. You can rent a car from one of the agencies that has an office in Cape Canaveral and a shuttle from the port. Hertz, Budget and Avis and 3 that were there last time I needed one. The shuttle bus picks you up right where you get off the ship. We rented a car when we had a late flight and went to DTD for lunch and to play for a bit before heading to the airport.

    You could pay the $35/pp for the disney transport from the port to MCO, or from the port to a resort. If you do the latter, I'd be somewhat concerned at how much time you'd have before you have to catch the bus to the airport. Plus, will they let you take magical express if you aren't staying at the resort?

    This may be a completely crazy idea, but have you consider pricing out a rental car for your entire trip, and just park it at the port while you're on the ship? This may sound totally crazy, but we did 4nts at WDW and 4nts on the ship plus a day at DTD, and actually found it much cheaper to get a rental round trip from MCO using priceline ($19/day for a minivan), even after having to pay to park it at the port. A 3+ week rental could end up being even cheaper, given that you're already planning to rent a vehicle for the first 2 weeks of your trip.

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