Touring plans updated crowd calendar for Jan 5 2019


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Aug 21, 2012
We have been there on level 10 days (Spring Break) and have learned from our mistakes. We also have those in our group with anxiety who hates crowds. Strategies we have found helpful:

-Get to the gates 45 minutes before advertised opening time and line up for rides that are likely to have longer waits later.

-Do our 3 fps at 10, 11 and 12.

-Have an ADR around 1:00 and spend that next hour or two relaxed in AC around a dining table together :)

-Do shows in the afternoons. They are cool, relaxing, and never have long lines. For example, MK: Carousal of Progress, Hall of Presidents, Laugh Floor, PeopleMover. EP: France Film, American Adventure, Canada Film. AK: Nemo, Lion King. HS: Indiana Jones, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast

-Avoid crowded pathways and bottlenecks by getting around the parks in a different way. For example, the railroad at MK, the friendship boats at Epcot (if they're open), less crowded side streets at HS.

-Bring in a picnic for Supper to avoid long lines at Quick Service. Research ahead of time a quiet place to sit and eat (Covered Tables near Pete's Silly Side in MK, the gardens/benches behind the UK pavilion in Epcot, Tables by the water near FlameTree BBQ in AK).

-After the evening fireworks, walk around or stay put for an hour or so before trying to leave. Avoids the crush of humanity at the gates.

Hopefully the tips you get on Disboards will help to make the trip special for you!! Honestly our friends who have a terrible time and complain about the crowds are usually the ones who go in with no plan or strategies whatsoever. If you have a flexible plan, you will have a great time :)
Really great tips here. This is pretty much what we have learned to do as we're very crowd-averse.

This year we're going all-out to avoid crowds by staying Club Level so we can use the lounge for relaxation and many of our meals (we are not big eaters so that works for us). We are also buying the extra Club Level Fastpasses, and plan on using Minnie Vans or Uber for transportation. Also the Fireworks Terrace Dessert Party for MK. I know there are VIP tours as well, though we aren't going to be taking advantage of those. Depending on how much you can or want to spend, there are many different ways to reduce the crowded feeling.

It's a bit ironic, cynical and clever on Disney's part that they upsell experiences so visitors can get out of the crowded atmosphere that Disney created in the first place, but what can I say, it worked on me! We don't go very often, and also live far away (though not as far as the OP!) so the trip is already costing a bundle. You may find that spending a a small fraction of the already-high costs to improve the experience makes sense for you.


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Feb 27, 2015
I recall reading somewhere today (maybe at AllEars?) that there are also actual quiet spots set aside for people with medical needs who need a calm environment for a few minutes, so perhaps the OP could inquire about that as well when she's asking about the DAS.

Edit: The quiet rooms are located at first aid stations. Apparently not all first aid stations are big enough to have one. I don't think a DAS is needed to use one.
Yes there are quiet places throughout the parks ( well depending on the time of year they are quieter than other)

here is disney list of quiet place thoughout the park

Magic Kidgom

Main Street, U.S.A.: First Aid; Side Street by Crystal ArtsAdventureland: Swiss Family Treehouse; Corridor to the left of Pirates

of the Caribbean
Liberty Square: Behind Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

Frontierland: Tom Sawyer Island (NOTE: You must take a raft ride to/from the island and some waiting may be required); Splash Mountain garden area

Fantasyland: Pathway leading from Cinderella Castle to Fairytale Garden; Pete’s Silly Sideshow area; Pathway behind The Barnstormer

Tomorrowland: Near Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Hollywood studio

Hollywood Boulevard: First Aid
Echo Lake: Walkway surrounding Echo Lake

Animation Courtyard: Near the restrooms to the left of The Magic of Disney Animation attraction

Sunset Boulevard: Courtyard outside The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorTMCommissary Lane: Outside ABC Commissary


Future World West: Courtyard and restroom area outside Imagination pavilion;
Area between Seas entrance and Coral Reef Restaurant

Future World East: First Aid (part of Odyssey Center building next to Test Track); Common area near Misson: Space and Test Track

World Showcase: Mexico-Outside area to the right of the pavilion near
the backstage gate; Germany-Garden area next to Glaskunst; Japan-Garden area; Morocco-Village Corridors; France-To the right of the buildings along the water’s edge; International Gateway; United Kingdom-Garden area at back of pavilion (when shows not running at gazebo)

Animal Kingdom

Discovery Island®: First Aid (next to Creature Comforts); Discovery Island Trails

Africa: Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
Asia: Maharajah Tiger Trek

At all parks Table service and quick service restaurant seating areas (during non-peak periods)


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Sep 26, 2005
Not surprised at the changes for early January.
The weekend of Jan 5-6 is a perfect storm of school still out and folks arriving for marathon weekend. We arrive early on the 6th and had a very difficult time booking DVC. Flights were easy and cheap though. Our park plans are Jan 7-10, with the focus on running from 11-13. The kids will be doing park time from the 11-13 though.


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