TOTWL - A Great Experience!

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    Dec 27, 2010
    I was in Clearwater visiting family over the weekend and spent a last minute night at WDW at the end of our trip (got an insanely good deal at Coronado Springs via Hotwire - probably bc that resort was EMPTY except for a convention). My son was exhausted after a super fun day at Typhoon Lagoon and fell asleep at our resort by 7:15. My mom was pretty tired too and wanted to watch election night coverage, so I took myself out to watch fireworks. I don't have an AP, so I was going to watch Happily Ever After from the TTC ferry dock or Poly beach. The Poly was INSANELY busy Tuesday evening. I bought some souvenirs for my kids at the shop, but since the resort was so crazy I decided to hop on the monorail and check out TOTWL. What a great way to watch fireworks! The view wasn't straight on like it is from the TTC ferry loading dock or the Poly beach, and I couldn't see the projections, but the whole experience was just so pleasant. I got a drink at the bar and watched from the observation deck. When the show was over I took the elevator down, got in an Uber, and was back in my room at Coronado Springs 15 minutes after the fireworks had ended. I've always felt that my kids are too little for fireworks (4 and 2), but I decided that TOTWL would be a great place to introduce them to fireworks when we go next summer - they're far enough away that it's not too loud, and there aren't scary crowds of people to navigate.

    I got to the lounge about 45 min before fireworks started. All of the tables in the lounge were full, but there were plenty of seats at the bar. I ordered my drink and took it outside where there was a handful of people standing around. By the time the fireworks started, there was what I would call a small crowd watching from the deck. Enough of a crowd that I didn't "feel bad" about the place being empty, but not so much of a crowd that it felt crowded.

    When I bought DVC over the summer, I didn't even care about TOTWL, but now that I've been, I think I am going to really appreciate this perk. I'm glad that I get it even as a lesser resale buyer :)
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    Apr 25, 2006
    I love TOTWL. I will never watch MK fireworks from the MK again. I can't stand the crowds on main street...all the pushing and shoving. There is none of that at TOTWL. It's not the same view, but it's a much more relaxing environment and you don't need to stake out a spot an hour in advance. We've gotten there 10 minutes before the show began and walked right outside, watched the fireworks, and then went back inside for cake and drinks. We often have to wait for a seat, but it usually clears out pretty quickly after the show ends since most people are getting up there and eating/drinking BEFORE the show. Once we are done with our "meal", we walk back to the MK bus stop and, generally, the post-firework bus crowds have started to dissipate so we aren't completely inundated at that point when we try to get back to our resort. Sometimes, we opt for Uber, depending on how busy the bus stop looks.
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    We like TOTWL too! I imagine we go up once every WDW stay.
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    Hi. How late does TOTW stay open for drinks/snacks.


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