Top 5 Las Vegas activities


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Nov 15, 2008
Thanks so much to all for the great suggestions. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I came on here.



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Jun 11, 2014
Has anyone ever done the scooter city tours? We stayed on the strip last trip and did all the walking/gambling/gawking at casino things (and fabulous dinners and shows after a couple good nights at craps tables :)) Going for a family wedding and staying at Tahiti Village this time and wanting something a bit different.
  • CrabbyPatty

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    May 18, 2009
    We did a museum trip one year and went to:

    1. The Mob Museum
    2. The Neon Musuem
    3. Museum of Atomic Testing

    The museums were GREAT - you could spend a lot of time at the Mob Museum, and although the Neon Museum is basically a walk around a lot with old un-lit signs, they do a fantastic job of telling the stories of the early hotels. In the Atomic Testing museum, they have a room that looks like a bomb shelter, and basically it's like you are there at Ground Zero when a bomb goes off with tremors, etc. I think we used a Groupon or something similar at the Atomic Testing museum, FYI.


    Mar 1, 2010
    Going to Vegas on my way to Disneyland this summer with 2 boys, 8 and 11. We will be there for 1 day. I want to figure out fun things for them to do. I was hoping to do lunch at Seredipity, the Bellagio fountains and the Eiffel Tower. Maybe wander around the Forum Shops and see the fountains. Any other fun Vegas stuff we should try to do?
  • Leilanie94

    Oct 14, 2010
    1. Family
    Call me weird. October 2018 we visited our extended family in Las Vegas. My husband has an Aunt and Uncle in Las Vegas. I have 3 cousins living in Las Vegas.

    2. Red Rock Canyon
    Beautiful scenic views

    3. The Grand Canal Shops at The Venetian
    I found my favorite chocolate shop there!

    4. Bellagio Fountains and Conservatory

    5. Food


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