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Sep 26, 2000
Can you have too many points, honestly? Do any of you feel you over-bought?

Here is my situation. We own enough points at OKW to do one week in a 2 bdr at OKW during the time of year we go. We will actually have a few points leftover that can be banked and we could do VWL or BWV, maybe even the BCV every third year (7 month window). We also own enough VB points to do 5 weeknights or a 3 night weekend stay in a 2 bdr during the time we can visit there. We have talked for weeks about adding on at BWV. We would buy enough points to add on to our VB stay so that we spent a full week in FL.

Here is the thing. With proper planning and banking/borrowing, we probably have enough points now. However, it seems like it would be so much easier to have the exact number of points needed and not have to worry about banking/borrowing. However, are we over doing it? Did any of you plan 2 weeks and then get stuck with points because plans fall through (not that I plan on that happening, but you never know).
Does anyone fell they over-bought?

Any feedback/opinions would really be appreciated.

Too many points? Never! ;) We just plan for more trips - as it was last year, we took 1 week in a 2 bdroom at BWV (March) and a week in a 1 bedroom (BWV) in October. We went during Thanksgiving but were out of points so had to pay cash at WL. This year we are going for a week in May on points, went to Vero over spring break on points and gave my niece a week at the Yacht Club for her honeymoon using points. I would love to have MORE points - my kids are growing up and will be wanting to use them for their families! I think they are addictive! :cool:
Bought 170 points and said that was more than enough for me--won't need anymore. Then BWV sell-out prompted me to buy 30 more. Then VWL not-too-far-off sell-out, price increase, and my limited window as a New Yorker made me buy another 50.

Now I think I'm done.

We'll see...

The two add-ons I've done are truly extras. I probably don't really need them and could have paid cash for the use that those points will get (mainly outside exchanges and 11-month priority issues), but it seems once I made the initial leap of faith on DVC I was more than willing to continue buying in...

Can I have too many points? Ummm, I probably do.

But there are very few other things (if anything) in the world that I would want "too much of" more than WDW.

The only exception I could see is if the dues are becoming a burden.

My sister-in-law and her husband have "2000" points and don't seem to have too many. They just enjoy BWV, Vero, and HH many times during the year.

I am willing to make the sacrifice and take any of those cumbersome "extra" points that anyone may have.
It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

2000 points!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!

What are their vacation plans like??? Just dreaming of what I would do with 2000 points.
Actually I've been looking for a thread to reply to so I can try out the new boards myself :)
We just got the paperwork started for a 50 point add on at VWL (with the bulk of our points - 300- being at BWV). 350 is the total number of points that I really was aiming for (we got to the 300 points at BWV in steps) and I am happy with it. For right now when we can go several times a year (I am doing my masters in a very high pressure program and I need my disney vacations in between to prepare for the next semester) and we stay in a studio. We figure down the road that we will be spending about 1 week a year with our kids there in a 2 br and 350 points buys us that at either BWV preferred or VWL (and with juggling hopefully we can go to the VWL once every 3rd year).

The situation I am "concerned" about is what happens in between those times. In another 1.5 years I will be getting my masters and we will be moving back to NY. We originally bought into DVC after we bought our first house in houston, but have since sold and are living in an apartment. The plan is to move back to NY when I am done and I imagine that for the first few years, not only will we be "house poor" but my vacation time will be fairly limited (starting a new job). So. What to do with all of those extra points?

I'm glad DVC is as flexible as it is... I guess we could go on a cruise to burn points and stay in as expensive a cabin as we can find. We could also take a few "long weekend" trips and that will burn points as well (with point costs being much higher for the weekends). We could take more family/friends with us. We could spend a long weekend at the Plaza hotel or go to a bed and breakfast in vermont for the weekend. Gee, I guess it's not a dilemma after all!

My point is that I don't think you can ever have too many points... there are so many things to do with them that you can either be frugal and use them for a LOT of vacation time or splurge and have fabulous vacations that you never thought you could have (i'm not sure I'd splurge the cash to go on a disney cruise and stay in such a high catagory or ever spend the cash to stay at the Plaza hotel). Of course, as Nick says, the exception is if dues become too expensive to maintain, but hopefully if you can afford the points intially, you can afford the dues as well!

We currently own 200 points at BVW and according to my DH, that is plenty. I, however, feel otherwise and would LOVE to do an add-on a VWL. I am hoping to change his mind during our stay in May.

Congrats on your add-on and good luck with your masters. :D
We have 225 and I have been toying with the idea of adding on at HH. It's fairly close and would give us the window to stay there if we chose. We would probably only use the points for the cruise though LOL. If we bought 100 though we could use MB and finance through Disney. Must....have....more....points...gasp!
I originally planned to get 250, thinking that would be enough to take my daughter and 2 grandchildren every other year. Then I thought that 2 contracts would be better, so I got an initial 150 and was going to buy 100 more. Then I figured what the heck, so I got my add on for 150 for a total of 300. Now I'm thinking why every other year. Why not every other year at WDW and alternate years with an exchange somewhere else. I'm already eyeing BCV, since that would be a nice area once the kids get older.

Too many? I think not. I can always run down to Charleston Place or Grove Park Inn, or rent them. If maintenance fees become too much, I can always sell one of my contracts. I'm clearly addicted.


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