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    Jul 23, 2008
    We are going to Disney at the beginning of May, my DH works for Comcast so we get free tickets to Universal so we will go there for a day. At that time our son's will be 8 and a week away from turning 2. My older son wants to go to Universal not IOA. So my question is what will my little one be able to do? Any rides for that age?
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    There is the whole Woody Woodpecker kidzone area over by ET.

    In Theory, I guess they could see Twister since there really isn't much of a ride there.... (although, it does get a bit loud which could be scary for the young'uns). Disaster is the same way... Might be able to get away with it, although it might be a bit scary during the earthquake.

    I'm pretty sure they could do Shrek (might need stationary seating though)...

    There is of course your shows... so Terminator (again, loud and might be scary), Street performances like the Blues Brothers... The big animal stage...etc

    so ultimately... yup. There should be a ton of stuff the young child can see/experience with the biggest things being height limits and/or their ability to deal with darkness or loud noises. It might be worth checking out the Universal website for more info on the attractions at the park and to see if there are height limits you'd need to be concerned about.
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    Not a lot for little kids... in addition to the above, there's a Barney show and a Curious George area with lots of waterplay. A little one will really run out of things to do quick here, unfortunately.

    BTW, when my daughter was 3 she was so terrified by the Shrek preshow that we didn't stay for the film. In the preshow, all the characters worn you to get out -- and she felt very strongly that we should listen to them...

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