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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Robinbare, Jun 19, 2004.

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    Ive seen several post where some of you say you are saving tip $$$ for mouse keeping Etc. This will be our first WDW trip in November. What are the expectations in tipping?? Is there a standard or a norm?? I just wanted to be prepared.:confused:
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    It is a personal choice. To each his own. Sometimes these threads on tipping Mousekeeping can get heated (I don't know why, but they do).

    Disney Mousekeeping (as we like to call them) is NOT considered a tipped position at Disney World and I guess (I've never seen it) there is a brochure the front desk gives you when you check in with tipping guidelines. BUT many many people still tip them. I was brought up to tip housekeeping where ever I go so I tip at Disney World too.

    Many tip $1 a person a night and most leave the tip daily as the mousekeeper can change from day to day. I make up cute tipping envelopes so the mousekeepers know exactly why I'm leaving the money. Also, that way I know I've got the money all set and won't spend it!

    My family of 4 leaves between $4 and $5. a day depending on how nice the mousekeeper has been, I might even leave more.

    Here is where you can get the tipping envelopes: Mousekeeping envelopes
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    If you are flying you might need to do some tipping before you get to WDW--the shuttle driver from the parking lot to the airport. The skycap if you use his services. Both generally get $1 per bag, more if the bags are large or heavy.

    if you are taking a shuttle or car service from the airport to WDW, then you'll tip the shuttle driver (MEARS) $1 per bag. General concensus is that car service drivers get $10 each way, a little more if you have a lot of luggage or make a grocery stop.

    You'll also need to tip if you use valet service to park your car (I tip $2 on drop off and pickup), and tip $1 per bag if you have a bellman help with bags if you use those services.

    If you are staying at a value resort, I don't think the luggage services people there are allowed to accept tips, although I could be wrong--if I am I'm sure someone will correct me... :)

    Other things you might need to tip for are the obvious, bartenders and servers. Standard is 15-20% for good service, generally service at WDW is great and warrants that 20% tip :)

    If you plan on spa services a 15-20% tip is standard.

    You don't tip front desk people, hosts/hostesses/seaters/greeters whatever you want to call them at WDW, they can actually be terminated for accepting them.

    Housekeeping was already touched upon. Can't think of any others...

    I get $50-100 in singles and another $50 in fives before I leave for a WDW trip. Sometimes we go through them all, sometimes we have quite a bit left. It seems to vary from trip to trip, a lot depends on where we stay and how long our trip is.

    Have a great vacation!


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