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Earning My Ears
Mar 31, 2001
Where is the best place to buy 2-day USF and IOA? We found buying direct from USF website for 3 adults and 1 child - $348 with tax. Can you get a better deal elsewhere?
I think the USF web site offers a small discount on their on line tickets (some of them) but you have to figure in shipping cost so you come out about the same. You can use your Olando Magic Card to save about 2 - 3.00 off per ticket if you buy at the gate. (but that means time standing in line). They have a ticket res system here on this site with a few dollers off but they send your tickets to your hotel and there might be a small fee. Check and see. You can check the link below maybe it would have more info.

if you are a AAA member, you can purchase the 2 day or 1 day passes at a AAA office and receive a 5% (I think) discount. This is the same discount that you get w/the Orlando Magic Card, but you can buy the tickets at home and not wait in line at the park.

Their posted price for 3 adult and 1 child 2-day Escape pass is $335. I think they're still offering free shipping. We bought our tickets through them this year and their service was great!

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Mine came yesterday and they sent tons of coupons and pamphlets for the kids to drool over on US/IOA and all area attractions and restaurants. Give them a try! Lots of discount coupons for attractions and restaurants too!


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