Three Things...Gratitude Thread

Left over drywall - I’ve put to good use scrap pieces of drywall for small repairs just this past week ! Very thankful that I had them as I did not wish to go purchase a half sheet of drywall for the tiny repairs that I needed to make !! Two pieces of scrap I had probably were not worth saving but I’m so glad I saved them - toilet paper holder fell out of the wall left a gaping hole - so thankful I had the scrap drywall to patch that hole !! For full disclosure I’m not bragging but I will anyway it turned out beautiful!! It helps I’ve had practice finishing a basement before 🤣🤣

OK, I'm going to need some tips and pointers! I have scrap drywall in my garage (including some larger pieces) and several projects needing attention once our summer schedule winds down. The two smaller projects sound similar to what you just described. I have enough material for the larger project, but it may be more handyman territory.
The laundry basket in the car trick is a game-changer! We've used them to cart things to and from holiday gatherings for years.

I cut the bottom off quart milk jugs to turn dressing or condiment bottles upside down in the fridge without having them constantly falling over.

When DS was little, I made him a set of those huge blocks by covering various empty cereal and other kitchen boxes with contact paper - cost about 20 cents on the dollar compared to the catalog version. :teeth:

I have a shelf unit, for which I managed to get 6 baskets - with substantial wooden handles - that fit perfectly in size and style --- turning it into a drawer unit.

I use disposable shoe covers over the top of rubber boots to keep bugs out!

One of the lovely things about teaching younger children is this very creativity of upcycling for storage/ props/ learning support etc..

I cut the bottom off quart milk jugs to turn dressing or condiment bottles upside down in the fridge without having them constantly falling over.

This is just what I need to corral some rogue hydrosol and essential oil bottles in a fridge door! I was thinking of buying some small containers to fit, but milk containers are already made to fit. Brilliant! :thumbsup2
OK, this is gonna sound stupid, but it's summer, it's hot, and when I get a cold drink while driving anywhere, condensation collects on the cup and soaks the cup holders in the car. I use a mask as a drip-diaper. Put one ear loop around the the left side of the straw, stretch the mask to the right and down under the cup, up the other side, and put the other ear loop around the right side of the straw. Presto! No more puddles in the cup holder!
I try to reuse everything:

I reuse old and mismatched sheets by folding them and storing in a ziploc in cars for a quick picnic blanket or thing to sit on, it is nice for scratchy wood picnic table seating & can even be used to mop up a mess.

I reuse all the twisties on/in packages for Christmas lights, they work great to secure decorations on bannisters and plant branches.

I reuse milk containers to keep water near the doors in the summer months so keeping up with the potted plants is easier for me and everyone else in the house.
So many great ideas here!
I reuse ziplocs for many things: sorting papers, keeping rubber bands and other junk drawer items separate from each other, and storing many of my DGD’s toys and puzzles. I also use them on Disney trips.
Speaking of my junk drawer, I have tiny items stored inside old film containers. (IYKYK)
As a teacher who was a well-known Disney fan, you can imagine how many Disney mugs I received as gifts over the years. I cannot part with them, so I use them for most of my pens, pencils, permanent markers, and all sots of office supplies.
Good Tuesday Morning :wave:

#1 - Hot Coffee - I’m not a fan of cold/iced coffee. I’ve tried to like it, but I just can’t do it, unless it a Frappuccino and that’s more like a dessert - LOL!

#2 - Hedge Trimmers - As I sit here, looking at my bushes through the kitchen window, I’m seeing I need to give the bushes a quick trim. My DH bought me a cordless trimmer last year and it’s really nice to not have that cord.

#3 - Hats - My baseball style hats to be exact. I have a few ::MickeyMo ones that I use a lot this time of year.
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My mom- she's an H name. Barring any additional unforeseen issues, we should get to see her this weekend.

Healthcare- So, I had a little accident on Saturday. I really just cannot win of late. We had just gotten back from OK and I'd gotten out to open our driveway gate (after several floods, I've given up on replacing the motor for remote operation). I opened it right into my ankle/heel. I was wearing Crocs, so the area was fully exposed. After some family help, a few minutes to calm myself, and some quick thinking... I used my phone to get an appointment at an urgent care about 5 minutes away. We got there early, but they took me in immediately. I came home with 9 stitches, 3 prescriptions, and a tetanus shot. So, I'm grateful that these healthcare professionals could help me. I'm also grateful for the ones who've helped with previous care, because I now have better tools and processes to do my daily care at home. Before my prescriptions were even ready, I had a next day delivery from Amazon in place with some of my preferred medical supplies for wounds.

Harmony- Music is so much more enjoyable when there's harmonic depth. One of the first things that came to mind was the Dapper Dans.
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I am vertically challenged and use long grill tongs to reach items on higher shelves in my kitchen.

I use old glass candle jars to store things like cotton swabs, cotton balls/rounds etc

I use canning/mason jars to hold spice mixes that I make and use often—a taco seasoning mix, a Greek seasoning mix, a Cajun rub etc
Health insurance. I think we have the most ridiculous health"care" system in the world, but I am endlessly thankful to have good health insurance. There is no reason on this earth that anyone should become bankrupt due to health care costs, but here we are. We have good, affordable insurance with premium reduction options and low co-pays and deductibles. I watched DD/SIL struggle for 2 years with a crappy policy that had a required $14K out-of-pocket/deductible before it'd kick in. Thank goodness she is now out of grad school and has a great job with wonderful insurance!

Hot dogs and hamburgers, the traditional summer cook-out menu! We are serving this on Saturday, when we'll be staying at an airbnb near where my family lives. It'll be the 5 of us, my sister, 2 nephews, and a niece and her partner. Maybe even a cousin or 2 will drive up from Massachusetts (although driving 95 in the summer is a nightmare). Gonna have a great time!

Hoodies- I love my hoodies. My hair is prone to frizz, so I like being able to flip up the hood the minute rain threatens. Also, they are so snuggly!!

Bonus... Hamsters. Our current hammie is a miniature named Jingle. Santa brought her to the resident 7 year old for Christmas 2022. Before Jingle, we had Mia (HAMMster... get it?). They are cute little creatures who take a minimum of care and attention- works for me!

Just listing today. All H things that make me happy and add to my life: -

The Haunted Mansion 👻
My favorite brand of lip balm starts with an H
I have a Hairstylist I really appreciate
My Hair!
Hamburgers 🍔
And I'm fortunate to have many happy memories. Here's to making more! :dance3:
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#2 - Hedge Trimmers - As I sit here, looking at my bushes through the kitchen window, I’m seeing I need to give the bushes a quick trim. My DH bought me a cordless trimmer last year and it’s really nice to have that cord.
Ooh, good one. :thumbsup2 Make gardening so much easier. I may, or may not, just have had to buy a new cordless one because the cord on the old one didn't like the sharp blades. 🙄
A Home, good health, and happiness.
Home! Of course! :thumbsup2
Hope: our family needs a lot of this right now. My DH lost his sister recently and now his older brother is not doing well. Prayers, please.

Happiness: every second of this is appreciated, especially the joy our DGD gives us

Healing: where my energy is going right now


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