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Nov 8, 2000
The Yacht & Beach Club Question & Answer Forum

This information has not been updated in several years. Please research current prices until the information can be updated. If there is anyone that would care to update this thread please let a resort moderator know. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome friends and family...! This is the Yacht & Beach Club Question & Answer forum, your place on the DIS for information on the beautiful Yacht & Beach Club Resorts in Walt Disney World.

The Yacht and Beach Clubs are no exception. Designed by noted architect Robert A.M. Stern, the 635-room Yacht Club and 585-room Beach Club are meant to evoke images of 1880s New England seaside resorts.

Each resort has its own distinct ambience; the Yacht Club's button-down grey clapboard style is decidedly more formal, while the pastel colors and playful details of the Beach Club conjure the casual "sand-between-the-toes" feeling, as the architect was often fond of saying. However, don't assume that families with children won't like the Yacht Club or dyed-in-the-wool luxury travelers won't appreciate the Beach Club. These are top-shelf four star hotels all the way, and personal preferences remain a matter of taste.

Both resorts opened in 1990 on the shores of Crescent Lake right next to the International Gateway entrance to Epcot.

The Yacht & Beach Clubs are two of the most conveniently located resorts on the entire Disney property. Period.

The walk to Epcot from either resort's front door takes five to ten minutes, depending on your pace. The walk to Disney-MGM Studios takes about ten to twenty minutes. There is FriendShip boat transportation to and from the Swan/Dolphin and Boardwalk resorts, as well as to and from Epcot and Disney-MGM Studios.

It's possible to hop from any resort to any resort if you make a stop somewhere in the middle. You are provided with a complete anywhere-to-anywhere transportation guide at check-in.

To the Magic Kingdom:
Take the bus from the front of the resort. Bus service is shared by the Beach Club, and Boardwalk Resorts as well.

To Epcot:
The boat is slow. Very slow. It's a great alternative if it's too hot to walk or if you want to conserve your energy, but the trip takes up to half an hour since the boats stop at the Boardwalk and the Swan/Dolphin on the way.

To the Disney-MGM Studios:
There's another boat that launches from the same dock, right in front of the Yacht Club. Once again, it's a longer trip with stops.

To Animal Kingdom and Blizzard Beach:
Take the bus from the front of the resort.

To the Downtown Disney Marketplace, Pleasure Island, Downtown Disney West Side, and Typhoon Lagoon:
The same bus stops at all these locations.

Anywhere else on or off property:
Private taxis are available. Make sure you get one where the fares are regulated, not some fly-by-night company. Contact Guest Services.

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Most standard rooms are <b>381 square feet</b>. with either a pair of Queen beds, a King bed or a King murphy bed with a Queen pullout sofa. Most rooms also have a daybed/sofa to accommodate a third or fifth person. Each resort has 10 rooms equipped for guests with disabilities.

Connecting guest rooms can be requested, but not guaranteed. The only way they could reserve connecting rooms is if they set aside a whole wing to be sold as connecting rooms, which would probably leave a whole bunch of rooms empty...

Each room has a large armoire, plus an extra dresser, a table with two chairs, an easy chair, and a double vanity adjacent to a small bathroom with a toilet and a tub/shower. There is a television speaker with volume control in the bathroom next to the toilet seat.

Yeeha, I finally started to get the floorplans online! More of these will arrive daily. This is a representative of a room at both the Yacht Club & Beach Club.

There are two view categories, <b>Standard View</b> and <b>Water View</b>. Standard View rooms generally overlook grassy areas, trees, and parking lots. As shown on the floor plans, there are <b>some</b> Standard View rooms that have a sideways view of the Lake. Most of the Water View rooms overlook Crescent Lake, although there are some that overlook the Yacht Club quiet pool.

All rooms in the Yacht Club have a "full balcony" with two chairs, or an outdoor patio on the first floor.

At the Beach Club, many rooms have 1' x 3' standing-room only balconies.

On the fourth and fifth floors, most rooms have dormer balconies (private "full" balconies under the eaves of the roof), but it helps to request a full balcony when you make your reservation.


There are two types of Junior Suites…er…Deluxe Rooms at the Beach Club. Rooms <b>1557, 2557, 3557 and 4557</b> are considered 'type A'’s…1557 has they're really big Water View rooms with <i>two Queen-size beds</i>, sofa and chairs, dining table, TV armoire, dresser and full bathroom just like a standard room. 1557 has an outdoor patio, 2557 has a full balcony, 3557 has a standing-room balcony, and 4557 has a full balcony.

<b>NEWS FLASH!</b> ...i just found out from Disney that the King junior suites have <u>2 daybeds</u>!!!! Just picture an extra daybed in the bedroom.

In 'Type B' Suites, french doors separate a cozy living room with a daybed from the waterfront King master bedroom, which also has a daybed in it. There are a walk-in closet and standing-room balcony off the living room. The room numbers are: <b>1501, 1647, 2501, 2647, 3501, 3647 and 4647.</b>

Rooms <b>3201 and 4201</b> at the Yacht Club are also Junior Suites. They are the same layout as the Type B's over at the Beach Club, but are larger and don’t have a walk-in closet. There is a daybed in the living area, but two Queen-size beds in the extra-wide master bedroom. Both of these rooms have full balconies.

Across the hall from these rooms are <b>3198/3209</b> on the third floor and <b>4198/4209</b> on the fourth floor, which are two-bedroom suites. Positioned on Water View corners, they have a large parlor with sofa and chairs, a wet bar and a dining table. There is a waterfront king master bedroom with a full balcony in each of these suites. The bathroom, closet and vanity are between the living room and bedroom. The second Garden View king bedroom is off the living room.

The two-bedroom suites in the Yacht Club's octagonal tower are rooms <b>1153/55, 2153/55 and 3153/55</b>. The layout is like a standard room with the octagon room attached. The octagonal living rooms have a sofa and chairs, and a dining table. The second bedroom overlooks the lobby entrance courtyard, and has a full balcony.

The two-bedroom suites in the Beach Club are positioned on Water View corners, and have a large Garden View parlor with a daybed sofa, chairs, and a wet bar behind folding doors. The waterfront master bedroom has a King bed, a table and chairs, and a corner TV armoire. There is a double vanity, closet and bathroom area between the living room and the bedroom. The second bedroom is actually a standard room that <i>used</i> to be separate, but now they only sell the suite with both bedrooms.

1509/11 – outdoor patio
1637/39 – outdoor patio
2509/11 – standing-room balcony
2637/39 – full balcony
3509/11 – full balcony
3637/39 – standing-room balcony
4637/39 – standing-room balcony

The Beach Club’s Vice-Presidential Suite is called the Nantucket, room <b>5691</b>, and is located on a Water View corner of the fifth floor. This place has a big living room with sofa and chairs, wet bar, dining area and a long Garden View veranda. The King master bedroom is connected to a spacious bathroom.

In the next wing over is room <b>5643/47</b>, the Newport (presidential) Suite. The parlor room alone is the size of three guest rooms. There’s a large foyer, and then the parlor room has a dining table for 8, and two seating areas, one of which is situated around a fireplace. There is a wet bar and a small kitchen off the dining room. The master bedroom is also large, with two queen-size beds, a walk-in closet and an immense bathroom. There is an adjoining Junior Suite (type B) next door.

At the Yacht Club, rooms <b>5205 and 5207</b> are the Commodore Suite, the 2-bedroom Vice-Presidential Suite. The living room is approximately the size of one at the Boardwalk Villas, with a seating area, half-bath, and a standing-room balcony. There is a king bedroom on one side, and a queen-queen bedroom on the other. The king bedroom’s bathroom is more of a room than a bath (it’s big), while the queen-queen bedroom is just a really wide standard room. Both bedrooms have full balconies.

The top two floors of the octagonal tower are home to the Yacht Club’s two Presidential Suites. On the fourth floor, room <b>4157</b> is the two-bedroom Presidential, originally created for Michael Eisner. This place has a foyer, living room with fireplace, additional living room with round windows in the octagonal turret, and a dining room for 8 that has a standing-room balcony. There is a wet bar kitchen and half-bath with shower off the dining room. The master bedroom has a king bed, large bathroom, and a full balcony. The other bedroom has two queen beds and a full balcony. Two additional bedrooms are available to connect, making this a four-bedroom suite.

Upstairs is room <b>5157</b>, the Admiral Suite. Almost identical in layout but not in furnishings to the Presidential, the Admiral has a slightly smaller tower room. The only difference are that the master bedroom doesn’t have a vanity, and the living room has an additional sofa. This place, too, can become a four-bedroom suite.

The secluded garden view Captain’s Deck is the largest and most expensive suite at the Yacht Club. This suite, room <b>1114/1116</b>, has a big octagonal foyer, large parlor the size of three guest rooms with a dining table for 10, full kitchen, big seating area and a 20’x 37’ garden view patio. The master bedroom has a king bed, walk-in closet and large Jacuzzi bath. The other bedroom is just a wider standard room.
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<b>Larger Rooms</b>

The Yacht & Beach Clubs are uniquely designed so that <i>some</i> of the rooms are <b>larger and more spacious.</b> Check the floor plans for details. Remember, though, Disney frowns upon requesting specific room numbers because it just frustrates the wazoo out of some cast members.

<b>Double or Queen beds? And what's a SICO room?</b>

At both the Yacht Club and the Beach Club, there are rooms that may be smaller in square footage with different bed arrangements. As indicated on the floor plan maps, some rooms have <b>two DOUBLE beds</b> instead of the larger Queen-size beds. I recommend requesting Queen beds especially during the busier (read: more expensive) seasons, or you may end up with an All Star-sized room at a Grand Floridian price point. :(

There is, of course, the usual assortment of rooms with a King-size bed, with or without a daybed. Additionally, some rooms are laid out with a King-size bed that pulls down from a wall, called a SICO bed. As indicated on the floor plans again, there are a couple of these rooms on each floor at the Yacht and Beach Clubs. They are divided into a living area with sofabed and chairs, and a bed area with a wet bar. These rooms don't have the separate vanity area, but have an additional closet. I believe these rooms can be specifically reserved...
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<b>Yacht & Beach Club Links:</b>

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Original Yacht Club Floor Plans @ DisneyZone

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Joe Cool, keep the info coming! I love this thread.

By the way, I have photos from my stay in the Captains Deck Suite (the largest suite at the YC) posted here in my on-line photo album. It was a great suite and we had a lovely stay.
Joe Cool, Thank you for the most informative post I have ever read on these boards. The yacht and beach is in my opinion the most beautiful hotel on property and you have left no stone unturned in your description. Terrific job:bounce:
<b>Concierge Services</b>
Updated September 10

The fifth floors of both the Yacht Club and the Beach Club are the exclusive Concierge Levels, accessible only to concierge guests with elevator keys.

However, your room doesn't necessarily have to be <i>on</i> the Concierge Level. Guests can request a certain room on a non-concierge level, per their preferences, and still have access to the Concierge lounge and staff. As all requests go, they can't promise anything, but you certainly can ask.

<b><a href="">Beach Club Concierge Review by Webmaster Pete</b></a>

In short, the concierge staff at both hotels is there to bend over backwards for their guests' every need. Think, 'when you wish upon a concierge cast member'...etc.

Each Concierge Level offers its own lounge, with an extensive array of complimentary food and beverage presentations, changing throughout the day. I've stayed at the Yacht Club Concierge before, and it was awesome!!! The food was so good, we didn't even eat in any of the resort's restaurants once! We did get an impossible reservation at the California Grill thanks to the intervention of a concierge cast know, last minute, "what do you wanna do" kinda thing. The concierge is definitely worth the $100 or so extra dollars per night!


<img src=""></img src>

<b>Stormalong Bay</b> rocks!!!! The Yacht & Beach Club has one of the best, if not the best swimming holes (at a hotel) in all of Walt Disney World . Stormalong Bay is a three-acre water playground shared between the Yacht Club and the Beach Club. It's a great place to have fun or just relax. Stormalong Bay has many different sections that encompass its 750,000 gallons of water.

There are shallow wading areas for the younger ones, complete with sand bottoms. There are also larger and deeper areas, some with sand, some without. A "shipwreck" on the shore of Crescent Lake provides the entrance to an exciting water slide for the adventurous folks. There is a circular area in Stormalong Bay with water jets that create a current. All you have to do is float… the water will move you along!

All around Stormalong Bay are lounge chairs where you can relax and catch some rays. Among other things, you'll find a waterfall and a couple of hot tubs hidden amongst the scenery. Note, however, that lifejackets cannot be worn when using the water slide. The water slide includes an enclosed tube and a child with a lifejacket can get stuck. If your child requires the use of a lifejacket, you can request to use the pool and slide at the Boardwalk Inn.

There is a <b>quiet pool</b> at the Yacht Club, found on the far end of the hotel away from the noise and excitement. (I used this pool every day, even once reallllly early in the morning when it was like 40 degrees outside. The pool was heated to about 90...ahhhhh!) The pool is located on the front/side of the hotel farthest from the Beach Club and closest to the Swan/Dolphin. There is also a hot tub in the same area as the quiet pool. These facilities are open 24 hours, as long as you are quiet! You can also use the quiet pool/hot tub on the Beach Club side. This pool is located on the water side of the Beach Club, closest to Epcot. You may see this area if you walk the path to Epcot.

<b>You and your great big inflated...</b>

There have been enough questions about bringing inflatable flotation devices from home that the subject deserves its own section here.

Assorted inflatable floaties <i>are</i> available for rent at no charge at Stormalong Bay to guests.

The <i>official</i> word from Disney is that water wings are allowed in Stormalong Bay, but most other flotation devices aren't, for safety reasons.

However, the unwritten rule is enforced at each lifeguard's discretion, as I've heard many people telling of families having a grand old time with their own rafts, inner tubes, and the like. I say if you're not sure, bring 'em and have fun until they tell you otherwise. :D

<b>Pool Hopping</b>

Disney resort guests aren't permitted to use the pools of other resorts, unless that individual resort adopts a policy otherwise. Disney Vacation Club guests <i>can</i> pool-hop between Disney Vacation Club resort pools.

<b>Health Club</b>

<b>Ship Shape Health Club</b> is located between the Beach and Yacht Club resorts next to Lafferty Place Arcade and open from 6am to 9pm. It is available for use by Disney Resort Guests: 1 day is $10; Length of Stay is $20; and Family Length of Stay is $35. Equipment includes Nautilus, Hammer Strength and aerobic machines as well as a spa, steam room, sauna and massage therapy. Massages are available from 8am to 8pm by appointment only.


<img src=""></img src>

<b>Bayside Marina</b> at the Yacht Club is open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Prices for rentals:

Water Sprites - $18.87/half hour; 2 person max

14' Canopy Boat - $25.00/half hour; 4 person max

Small Float Boat - $30.19/half hour; 8 person max

Sunset Cruise - $70.75 (driver provided)

24' Pontoon Day Guided Cruise - $70.75 1/2 hour; 12 person max

Breathless Glide - $23.58 10 minutes; 7 person max (driver provided)

Breathless Day Guided Cruise -$70.75 (driver provided)

Breathless Fireworks Cruise - $165.10; 7 person max (driver provided)

Float Boat Fireworks Cruise - $113.21; 10 person max (driver provided)

Specialty Cruises - $175 for 1 hour 8 person max; $230/hour 9-12 person max

Large Mouth Bass Fishing Excursion - $150.94/2 hours; 1-3 persons (driver provided); $200.94/3 hours

Sunset Cruise - $70.75/hour (driver provided)

What else is there to do? There's a <b>beach volleyball</b> court in front of the Beach Club. <b>Jogging</b> maps are available at Guest Services, there's an awesome path that goes allll the way around Crescent Lake.

<b>Lafferty Place Arcade</b> is their game of the only places i <i>didn't</i> go during my trip. There are also <b>tennis courts</b> located near the Beach Club, way out close to Epcot. Oh...and the tabletops in all guest rooms have checkerboard patterns. Checkers and Chess sets are available from the front desk, just ask.

Childcare services are available at the <b>Sandcastle Club</b> located in the Beach Club. The Sandcastle Club is for children ages 4-12 and is available from 4:30pm 'til midnight.

In-room <b>babysitting</b> is available through two sources. The first is KinderCare which can be reached at (407) 827-5444. The second is "Fairy Godmothers" service (that's what it's called!), available virtually anytime, anywhere. It can be costly, but if it's what you need, it's perfect! All sitters are nonsmoking females.

Base rates start at $7 an hour for up to three children, with a four-hour minimum and a $5 travel fee. They'll even take the kids to the parks for you providing you have the bucks.

<b>Meeting Facilities</b>

The Yacht and Beach Club offers a beautiful 52,000 square foot convention center with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. The Harbour Ballroom is over 36,000 square feet and can accommodate 2,800 guests. With 21 breakout rooms, a business center,
satellite up/down link capabilities, vast exhibit capabilities, and comprehensive meeting support, the Yacht and Beach Club conference facility is a very attractive location for businesses.

Custom-made merchandise can be ordered for conferences and/or meetings held in WDW Resorts. For more information on this, call the <b>Specialty Merchandising Department</b> at <b>(407)363-6433.</b>


The Yacht Club's all-purpose store is <b>Fittings and Fairings Clothes and Notions</b>. It is open from 8am to 11pm. This store offers a small but comprehensive collection of clothing, character merchandise, and sundries. They don't sell the refillable mugs here anymore.

Need a greeting card, maybe some soap, how about a toothbrush? They've got it. Did you forget your undershirts? Got a run in your pantyhose? A quick trip down to this first-floor store will satisfy your needs. Beware though, you won't find "el cheapo" clothing here. Those undershirts you forgot are Polo brand undershirts here.

The Beach Club has a smaller shop with similar items called <b>Atlantic Wear and Wardrobe Emporium</b>. If Fittings and Fairings is out of stock, try there. Also if you are looking for cigarettes, each of the BC and YC shops has some behind one of the counters, so just ask a Cast Member.


If you need to wash your clothes during your stay at the Yacht Club <b>laundry facilities</b> are located adjacent to the quiet pool area located on the far front side of the hotel, closer to the Swan/Dolphin hotels. Likewise there are laundry facilities at the quiet pool of the Beach Club.

If you need something dry cleaned or pressed, you'll find a card detailing services and costs in your room upon check-in. An iron and ironing board are located in most guest rooms. If your room does not have these items, they can be obtained free of charge by contacting housekeeping. Watch out. My dad had them wash something and he couldn't believe how much they charged...

<b>Everything Else</b>

Need a new 'do, or just a haircut? <b>Periwig's Salon and Barber</b>, located between the YC and BC, next to the health club, is the place to go. Open Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-6pm.

Well, that's all there is. Feel free to ask whatever questions you have, if I haven't answered them already. *GRIN* Thanks for your interest, and <b>PLEASE</b>, somebody, BUMP THIS THREAD!!!!! You guys are the greatest!

Stay Cool,

<b>May 6 Update</b>

<i>from <b>mikamouse</b>'s YC Concierge Report:</i>
Concierge rooms are all located on the fifth floor, which is only accessible with a private key-card.

The regular concierge room is very much like a regular guest room with respect to size and furnishings. But concierge amenities include television speakers in the bathroom, robes, a hairdryer, makeup mirror, and a nightly deluxe turndown service.

Concierge service includes use of the concierge lounge and concierge staff for private check-in and check-out, to make dining Priority Seatings, plan outings, answering questions, ticket purchases, transportation arrangements, and filling requests for special dining or accommodation needs.

The concierge lounge is also found on the fifth floor. Here you'll find a complimentary continental breakfast from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. From 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., you can watch a Disney video and munch on cookies and milk. A wine and cheese bar is available between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. And from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., cordials and delicious desserts are here to tempt you.

<i>from <b>Tiggerish</b>'s YC Concierge Report:</i>
We very much enjoyed our Dec '00 stay at the Yacht Club Concierge. And yes, it made a difference on what we spent on meals and snacks.

The breakfast fare was plentiful - - juice, milk, coffee, pastries, doughnuts, fruit and cold cereal.

The afternoon snacks were much appreciated on the days we were back to the room for a rest or to use the pool. Really great chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats and fruit.

At dinner time there were a variety of finger food including satay chicken, bacon wrapped galic cheese sticks, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cheese and crackers, salsa and chips and, of course, fruit.

Then later in the evening, marvelous desserts and more cookies; plus cordials. I had Bailey's and coffee every night -- actually usually two a night! The server recommended the Armartto (spelling?) to be mixed with the lemonade that was also always available - - it made a great Amartto Sour which my sister and her husband enjoyed.

Most days we ate only one "real" meal - usually a late, late character breakfast or a mid afternoon lunch/dinner.

Thanks to mikamouse and Tiggerish for their thoughts on the Yacht Club Concierge.

Thanks again, and stay cool!

Well, you have my attention! The YC hold s our fondest memories since it was the site of our wedding over 7 years ago. We try & stay there at least two times a year. :) :) :) :) :)
For all the detailed info! We're heading to BC in just a few short months and your info has certainly helped! Thanks for taking the time to pass your extensive knowledge to the rest of us!!:)
I have read this forum dozens of times and it's great! I wanted to make one note though, about the room FAQ's. I was upgraded to a deluxe room at the BC in December. I had room 1557 which you mention, however, it has 2 queen beds, not a king bed. It is a great room, and absolutely HUGE! In addition to the patio doors, it also has 2 sets of windows. It also has 2 large dressers.


Joe, thanks for all this info. We just booked the Yacht Club for June and are so excited. I've printed out the floor plans and will be studying them before we fax our requests. Keep this info coming, the more the better.


Thanks for all this great information. We are going to BC (waterview room) on June 30 for four nights. First time for a Deluxe Resort. It really looks like a beautiful resort and we are very excited.

I am going to study the plans and made my request before we leave.

Thanks again!
<b>Beach Club Villas Construction</b>

<img src=""></img src>
Artist's rendering of Disney's Beach Club Villas. Beach Club Resort would be on the left-hand side.

In the fall of 2002, Disney will open its fourth on-property Disney Vacation Club resort, Disney's Beach Club Villas. This 205-unit resort was announced in May 2000, and is currently under construction on 6 acres of land next to the Beach Club entrance drive. The sea green five-story building has been designed by Robert A.M. Stern, the same architect who designed the Yacht & Beach Club resorts, and reflects the whimsical architecture of oceanfront homes built in the early 20th century in Cape May, N.J. The Villas will share the established facilities of the Beach & Yacht Club resorts, and may add a small eatery or exercise room. There will be a new swimming pool, and ample parking.

<img src=""></img src>
View of construction from BC driveway, June 2001

Finally! A Disney hotel based on Cape May! This is really cool, especially because I was practically raised in Cape May, N.J where we have a beach house. An awesome feature of the resort is that some rooms will have views right into Epcot over the trees. The bad news is, the building will block views from some Beach Club standard rooms facing Epcot.


Now that the construction has progressed to the framing and siding stage, there is going to be more commotion and yes, noise, on the back side of the Beach Club. If you won't be spending that much time in your room anyway, this may not be a problem for you because the builders do take breaks and stop around 6 p.m.. If you have a Standard View reserved and want to go back to the room for an afternoon rest, <b><i>request a room "away from the construction"</b></i>. It's marked on the new floorplans where the construction is.
Thanks for all the information. We will be staying at the Beach Club concierge in July ( two boys 13 & 8). Any suggestions on a room request?
Thanks again,
We will be staying at the YC Sept. 16-21. I really enjoyed all the information.

Can't decide if I should make a room request or just let the magic happen! Last time we went to BWI, I didn't request anything special and ended up in a one room suite - we had paid for a studio! Anyone have an opinion?!

Just wanted to give this thread a bump and say thanks!
Thanks for the info. We scored an Illuminations cruise lwhen we went to the World last month and really enjoyed the YC/BC area. We are currently planning a return trip for either August or November and hope to stay at BC.

Thanks again.

hey, morganne's mom!!
we'll be there the same time as you.
going from the DCL, to YC concierge 9/18 - 23.


Laurie S
Do you have any idea what hours the concierge lounge at the Beach Club is open?

We are going to the BC for the first time in August and really enjoyed reading all the information you posted about the BC. We have PS for the clam bake and the Character breakfast. Your information has been very helpful and I was able to pass it along to the 4 other families that are going with us. Thanks again for the time and effort you put in to passing along all the information! :p
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