Thinking of buying into DVC...have a few ?'s


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Feb 21, 2004
Hello all,

I recently spent a night down in EPCOT and looked through the book on vacation rentals, and Ive been intrigued since! I have read all the FAQs and have a few questions that I didn't see answered. If you guys could give me any help or suggestions, I would appreciate:

1) If you had a choice to buy again, would you go through Disney or buy a resale? I don't see any drawbacks with buying a resale but figured I would ask.

2) If I buy say 150 points, can I chose to buy some more points in the future?

3) How easy is it to rent out your points to someone else inside the DVC or outside? Is $10/point the going rate?

4) My job allows me to have some days off here and there, my schedule is very flexible. Are there a decent number of days open for a day or two off at a time with short (less than 30 days). Basically am I going to need to plan my stays at the 11 month window if I want only a few days?

5) What is the day-to-day reservation that I see posted? How does the reservations work?

Thanks for your patience! Even if you can only answer a few, that will be great.


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Apr 11, 2003

I. We bought into SSR - which is where we want to stay - so we went Disney. In the future, if we ever wanted add-ons, I'd have no problem going either Disney or resale. It was helpful going through Disney the first time due the extreme helpfulness of our Guide, Jim McCoy.

2. Yes - and many do (it's called Addonitis ;)).

3. Never have done it, but from all appearances it is fairly easy - check out the DVC Rent forum here on the DIS.

4. Depends on when and where you want to stay, but shorter trips should actually be easier to book later, as opposed to needing to schedule 11 days. Hopefully others with experience can chime in on this one.

5. Usually you call up 11/7 months before your checkout day and book your entire stay. However, some folks (including MS) suggest day-by-day ressies for hard-to-get times. This is simply calling up 11/7 months before each day and adding that day to the ressie. If you tell MS this, they will make it very easy, and only send a confirmation when you are done.

Hope this helps!


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Nov 24, 2002
3) $10 is a standard rate - we have rented points (did so for our first stays at DVC - OKW) - had no problems or issues - we executed a contract, had good vibes on the phone and from the extensive e-mail and even met our "landlord" - she was coming to Toronto with her kids and I gave her some tour guide type directions and some local insight

4) Be careful of the busy times such as long weekend and associated days, major holidays, and low point times during the Food and Wine festival - other than that if you are flexible I think you should be generally ok. The other warning I would advise is you may not get all your nights in the same room type and or same resort - i.e. you might have to move around a bit

Good Luck with your decision


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