They keep sending us the wrong DME tags for POFQ instead of POR!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Pkdcoastrs, Aug 3, 2006.

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    Ughhh... So originally we were staying at POFQ because at the time POR had no rooms. Once a room opened at POR thanks to a great CM, we switched to that hotel. We did the normal procedure of calling up and informing them that we switched and asked if they could send us new luggage tags for POR. for the THIRD time they have sent us POFQ tags LOL!!!!

    We were extra nice and everything after each call following the error, asking that maybe our reservation wasn't actually changed, etc.... but in the computers it WAS saying POR :confused3 :confused3 :teeth:

    Well now today the trip is exactly two weeks away, I know it's not the end of the world since the two resorts are nearby, or we could even grab our own luggage, but we just want as little problems to arise if possible.

    Here's to one more try! heh.
  2. seven dwarfs

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    Jul 8, 2006
    My parents never got their tags last Dec and part of their bags were lost. They were told to mark them and the ME would be looking for them. H ere's hoping it works out for you. :sunny:
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    From what we've read from people in-the-know here on the DIS, luggage is sorted and delivered based upon the barcode on the DME luggage tag. The barcode on the DME tag is tied into your reservation number in the database, rather than to a specific resort. Therefore, since your current ressie is for POR, when your bags are scanned they will be directed towards POR.

    All this being said, you should cross out "POFQ" and write in "POR." Why? There may be a well-meaning and conscientious CM who sees POFQ on the tag of your POR-bound luggage and decides to do what he/she thinks is the right thing and instead send the luggage towards where the words on the label say.

  4. Tuckster

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    Feb 17, 2005
    Hey ...why did you switch ??? We have rez at POR for Nov. & were considering switching to POFQ. We have read that the bus goes there 1st $ the boat to DTD is there. Your thoughts ???

  5. Pkdcoastrs

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    We switched just because we wanted to try both "sides" of the resort. We REALLY liked POFQ and if we return again would definetly have it at the top of our list of where to stay. In the end, POR and POFQ are pretty much one big resort and everything is top notch.

    and to update our story!

    It turns out that DME's computer's were showing our reservation for POF as NOT paid in ful for some reason. We paid for everything in FULL when it was POFQ reservation so this is where the problem arose! The first CM my praents talked to were not to friendly but luckily they were transferred to an AWESOME CM who fixed everything! We called DME back again and they are sending out the ABSOLUTE correct tags via express mail LOL.

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