There, FAQ's back in business :D

MJ, I think Rajah means her wonderful Fantasmic Dessert Buffet FAQ, which she has already reposted, thankfully! :jester:
<font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color=#6600CC>Well, it would certainly help if I actually scanned over all the posts before replying, huh. :p

Yep, I meant the Dessert Buffet FAQ -- and by FAQ's I meant "FAQ is" :) Don't have any other FAQs done yet ;)
Hey, can I remove the "please bump this" question from the FAQ? Looks like someone (Michelle?) changed it to a priority message, 'cause it isn't dropping...?
I took care of that, Rajah -- just another supercool feature here on the boards. So, yes, go ahead & remove that bump comment. :)


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