The Let’s Post About Something Else Thread

  • GADisneyDad14

    TPAS Moderator
    Jul 3, 2014
    Thats awesome i never knew that, is that by it's a small world ride?
    Photo was taken between the carousel and Princess Fairytale Hall. They put a rope up before the show right in front of this spot to keep people from being in the fall out zone from fireworks. Downside of this side is 1) no projections and 2) head on a swivel with fireworks in front and behind you. It’s not a great spot for HEA first timers, but if looking for something different, it still has a good entertainment value back there (in my opinion).
  • mamamelody2

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 29, 2016

    This is February 1, 2020. Tigger is my son's favorite character. We were actually headed to the tragical express to head home when I noticed Donald walking through the Art of Animation lobby. Next thing I knew, there's Tigger! We ran over and were second in line. It was a great end to our trip!
  • CalSea12

    Desperately needs a dose of the magic!
    Jun 4, 2011

    Messing around with Donald. We had breakfast at the Disneyland hotel back in October. Best character interaction ever! The kids got to be in a band with Donald, Minnie, Daisy and Stitch. Then Donald and Stitch played hide and seek around the restaurant with them. Oh how I miss these days!


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