The August 2018 "Vacation Vote" Exercise Thread

Elizabeth Smith

DIS Veteran
May 7, 2017
With the addition of a final 60 minutes today (between walking to lunch, doing some crunches, jogging in place, and a nighttime yoga routine) I have at last reached Going Again Green! PollyannaMom has very appropriately reached Resort Hop Red. And the team finally moved out of purple into Dessert Party Pink!

It looks like the team has voted for a little Resort Hopping for our Last day. Maybe we can imagine that we have a flight in the early afternoon, so we're spending our morning riding the monorail line, or maybe we're heading out to Animal Kingdom Lodge to watch the safari animals graze. Maybe we'll go to Port Orleans French Quarter for Beignets, or the Boardwalk for some ice cream. Anyway, it sounds like an awesome and relaxing way to spend a morning after an intense exercise-filled vacation!

I'll check in later this weekend to collect any last minute minutes and to update the first. Be ye warned, if you haven't posted any minutes for several weeks, you will be removed from our totals so the team can reach (or at least get closer to) goal. So report your time!

I can do September if nobody has plans for it.
Hooray! Thank you!:thanks:

  • Twilight Sparkle

    DIS Veteran
    May 24, 2015
    195 minutes since last check in

    1840/1500 to end the month

    Resort hopping sounds perfect.

    Elizabeth, thanks for a great month. It was so much fun pretending to visit WDW with our group.

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