Thanks To Everyone, I'm In!!

DW mouser

DIS Veteran
Feb 3, 2000
Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions on this board. I made ressies at HRH Oct. 20th to the 27th for us, my son and his family. 2 deluxe rooms pool view at 149.50. The person I got was very slow, must of been new, so it took awhile and he couldn't tell me anything about Halloween Horror Nights or anything else that I asked about. In fact, I'm not even sure about what is charged to my credit card now. I guess I'd better call back and ask someone else about what all is in the rooms besides 2 queens and the other 1 king. I asked about pull out couches and he wasn't for sure but thought the king room has one.
We are just all so excited! Now I need to search for air transportation! :D
Hi mouser, did you sign up for the First Loews program now that you have a res. Sign up on the Loews website or use their 800 #.
Yes, I had signed up on the net, but I called and had them check for sure, and sure enough, they didn't have it! I had read another post about some of the other people not getting their membership either. The lady gave me a membership number today, so I called HRH back and had it added. I was glad I did because the employee I got this morning was much more helpful and better able to answer my questions. I did ask if there was any chance FOTL would still be available then and she assured me that it would and that I was the 3rd person who had heard that rumor on this board this week and she said her supervisor was checking into it to see who was spreading this rumor!??! Good news to me but I'm really confused! She assured me that if there were going to be any changes the reservation employees would of known about it by now since they are the ones giving out the info. :)


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