Testing my first logo...THANKS DOM!!!


Apr 26, 2000
Hi Everyone,

Its about time I got a logo. I have always wanted one, but I have never really known how to create one and then add it to the boards.

I would like to thank Dom13 for making this logo for me. THANKS DOM!
It is really cool!

Talk to you all real soon,
That is awesome! I have been working on one similar to that with a Sorcerer Mickey. It should be ready soon. I may borrow that Sorcerer for it (if you don't mind!)

Sue Ellen
You're welcome Matt. Was quite a challenge actually. Learned ALOT doing it. If anyone "needs" one I will be happy to make one for you. You have to be patient as it may take a week-10 days as I have a few things to work on right now.

Sue Ellen - If you need a Sorcerer let me know. I found a couple when I was making this. Though Matt found that one so you may want to ask him where he found his!

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Hi Sue Ellen,

I am going to mail you a link to the site where I found it. It is a really nice picture of Sorcerer Mickey.

Thanks again Dom!

Great work Dom!! but then we always knew you were very talented...nice AND talented..

what a combination..



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