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BL 9 format -- what would you like?

  1. One thread, losers teams and maintainers team

  2. Multiple threads, team threads and a main thread

  3. Multiple threads merging to one later

  4. No, thanks I met my goal or am doing something else

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  1. lisah0711

    lisah0711 ♥ her Disney office

    Sep 9, 2005
    Our Between the BLs Summer Challenge will be ending on 9/4. There are three more weeks left of our challenge and lots of time to make a difference!

    The BL 8 Fall Challenge will be a 14 week challenge starting 9/11/09 and ending 12/18/09. The dates may be adjusted when we find out when BL 8 ends on NBC.

    The format will be the same a other BL challenges, i.e. weekly coaches, weigh-ins, and a COW (challenge of the week). But a new component of this BL will be a separate challenge for those of you who are in maintenance mode. Maintainers will be on a separate team and scored differently by keeping within a percentage or pounds within goal.

    If you haven't participated before, here is some information about our summer challenge http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2173748 The fall challenge will be similar. You can also read our thread.

    We need your input for this challenge. Do you like teams and separate threads? Or teams and one big thread? Or teams and separate threads merging into one thread as time goes on? If you are going to be part of the maintainers group, how do you think it should be measured -- % or pounds?

    Let us know what you liked and didn't like about the summer challenge (or previous challenges) and what you would like to see in the fall challenge. We're a democratic group and your input is important to us. It is everyone's challenge and we want it to be what works best for you.

    And if you would like to participate as a weekly coach, please let us know, too.

    Thanks for your help!

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