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    The birthday boy for today is Tom Cruise. Happy Birthday Tommy!!

    Tom Cruise, born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV on July 3, 1962
    His first interest in acting was born in the role of Nathan Detroit in his high school's production of "Guys and Dolls". Some of his earliest film roles were smaller parts in "Endless Love" alongside Brooke Sheilds and as a cadet in "Taps". He played main roles as a young actor in "Risky Business" and "Legend" which also starred Tim Curry. The role that launched his career however was Pete Mitchell "Maverick" in "Top Gun" and he hasn't looked back since.

    Other films starring Tom Cruise:

    Interview With A Vampire
    Mission Impossible
    Eyes Wide Shut
    Color of Money
    Days of Thunder
    Born on the Fourth of July


    His early family life was unsettled due in part to his father's job requiring the family to move frequently but also due to his learning disability , dyslexia which affected his school grades. At one point 14 yr. old Tom looked to the priesthood for his future but in high school his interests moved on to wrestling which very quickly was sidelined due to injury and finally acting. The acting bug took such hold on Tom that he dropped out of high school in his senior year to persue an acting career in New York. He took a role in a local production of Godspell which led to his first break in film by attracting the attention of Italian director Franco Zifferelli.


    His first marriage to Mimi Roger ended in divorce. He was married to Nicole Kidman who starred opposite him in "Days of Thunder" where they first met and more recently, "Eyes Wide Shut" which was film director Stanely Kubrick's last movie. Stanley Kubrick died before the film was completed. They have 2 adopted children Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise and Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise.


    Tom Cruise was voted Best Dressed Actor in 1997 and is a member of the Church of Scientology.


    He is the only boy in a family of 4 children born to Thomas Mopother III and Mary Lee Mapother. His father, an electical engineer died in 1984 . His mother is currently married to Jack South. Tom's sisters are Lee Anne Mapother, a publicist, Marian Mapother, a teacher and Cass Mapother, a restauranteur.


    By Jipsy and Serena

    Biography © 2000 Creative Reality Media, Inc.

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