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  1. NJlauren

    NJlauren DIS Veteran

    Nov 6, 2014
    I am just over 2 months away! I cannot believe it! Hoping I can get some feedback on my tentative plan. And hopefully answer some questions for me.

    We are staying at the Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Club Room from May 19th – May 22 (need to leave early this day no park time)

    Family of 4 - 2 adults, 4 year old and 10 month old.

    Sunday May 19th - Arrive around 1. Leave bags if the room isn’t ready. Walt Disney Studios Park, want to try and ride Slinky Dog ZigZag, it goes on refurb the next day, not sure if it’s a must do but since it will be the only day it is open, figure we will give it a try. I would love to get on Ratatouille and Crush this day but just not sure it will happen. If the lines aren’t long, we will def hit them up, if the lines are long, we will circle back the next day. Pretty sure we get a daily FastPass should I use it on Ratatouille this day?

    Dinner/late lunch at 4:30 at Bistrot Chez Rémy, head to Disneyland park if everyone is up for it and if not back to the hotel early. - is this a huge waste of time on the first day? I’m wondering if I should move inventions back to this day, or skip a sit down meal all together.

    May 20th – Breakfast in the hotel, and Early Morning at Disneyland Park. My must do this day is really only Le Pays Des Contes de Fees, and whatever other rides my daughter wants to do. I was thinking we would use the FastPass for Peter Pan or Buzz. We will also try to pull FastPass for these rides. I would like to try Big Thunder with DD4 if she is up for it. I booked dinner at Auberge de Cendrillon for 6:15, Looks amazing and my daughter does like princesses, but it is pricey is it worth it?

    May 21st – If we didn’t get on Crush on the 19th we will do the early morning at the Studios to make sure we get on it before the line gets too long. I would like to do Mickey and the Magician this day, but I can’t seem to find the times for it yet. Hit up anything else we may have missed or want to check out in the studios and the probably move to Disneyland Park and spend the rest of the day here. We have Inventions at 6pm this night.

    Some Questions:

    Does the Disneyland Paris app not show wait times? I am checking the app and don’t see it, but could it be because I am not local.

    Where do I find out which show my master card gets me reserved seat for, is this worth doing?

    Am I missing any must dos, or things that I should make sure we hit up?

    Seems a large number of rides/restaurants and other things will be down when we are there, so maybe I need a better plan?
  2. Karin1984

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    Feb 5, 2012
    There is a plan!

    Day 1:
    Is this your 10 months' old first visit to a themepark? I think it's a wise idea to start slow with Slinky Dog. I'm not sure how fitting Ratatouille is for an infant. It is marked as 'can be scary for young guests'. Using a fastpass for Ratatouille is a good plan. For Crush you will have to do a rider swap, as the minimum length is 1.07m (3ft5). Otherwise, there is a single rider's line, if your oldest isn't the bravest in the land when it comes to thrill rides, I would suggest for both adults alternate using the single rider's line, while the other parent take the kids elsewhere (like back to Toy Story Land).

    I would keep Chez Remy, as it's in the park, and it has a nice atmosphere. It's more low key than Inventions, with the characters at dinner, there will be more stimuli for your children. Or indeed a quick service meal.

    As you have plenty of time and two young children, I think going back to the hotel is not a waste of time. Better have two well-rested children and less park time, then overstressed and in the park all the time. If you go to the park, I would take it slow, check out some rides, get familiar with the park. Usually during dinner time 6-8pm the kiddie rides have shorter lines.

    Day 2:
    Pays des Contes Fees hardly ever has lines (only when it's extremely busy). So not your first priority. I would go to the Princess Pavilion or Peter Pan first during EMH, teacups, etc. Buzz is closed on the 20th.
    The remark about your daughter and Big Thunder Mountain.
    To compare, in DLP Big Thunder Mountain is a bigger thrill ride than WDW Big Thunder Mountain.
    And Crush is even more a thrill ride than DLP Big Thunder Mountain. If you doubt already if she is up to Big Thunder Mountain, I wouldn't take her on Crush on the first day.

    The good thing about the Auberge is that you get about five princesses at once. On a normal day you can meet max 2 in the Princess Pavillion, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, for which you have to queue twice. So if your girl is into princesses, go to the Auberge. Is it worth it... the price for the meal? No. It's decent food, but you pay for the princesses.

    Day 3:
    Looks like a fine plan. Showtimes aren't released till the week has started.

    1. Normally yes, you see the wait times . But the park closed at 7:30 and it's now 7:50 here, so can't check at this very moment.
    2. Never done this, but as you do not know the shows, and don't know if your family would prefer to sit at the front, back center, I would just use the Mastercard deal. You've got nothing to lose.
    3. We know what your kids might like, what you might like, what does the other adult like?
    4. Stop second guessing yourself. :) You have a good base plan, and you have to go with the flow and see what it's like when you are there.
  3. NJlauren

    NJlauren DIS Veteran

    Nov 6, 2014
    Not her first visit to any theme park, but her first to a Disney park. DH is happy to sit out a ride if we think it may be to scary or to much for her. Or we will do rider swap if it’s somthing he really wants to ride. Example he will probably be fine skipping crush and hanging with the baby.

    DD4 so far has been a bit of a thrill seeker. Loves two roller coasters at the park we go to here. However I’m not sure how crush or big thunder compare to the coasters she has been on. She wasnt tall enough for big thunder at WDW last year. Maybe i will watch a POV YouTube to check them out.

    Perfect! We love ratatouille movie so think this will be fun! We will have been in Paris for a few days before this so hopefully we have already adjusted to the time change and have a good rhythm going.

    Pretty sure the princess pavilion is closed that day too! Maybe we will skip crush day one and see how she likes big thunder (but I have a feeling she will love it). Can always do crush the next morning.

    Ok leaning towards keeping this meal!

    I’ve checked a bunch of different days and time! Will check again tomorrow... or in a while when I get to Paris ;)

    He is along for the ride, at WDW he likes Sorian, Tower of terror, pirates, Haunted mansion (was really hoping phantom manor was back up!)

    Thanks! Once I’m there all the stress will probably go away!

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