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Feb 11, 2001
I'm getting tid-bits about Confisco's. Can someone give me all the info? Where exactly are they located in IOA? Is there anywhere I can see a menu? What meals are offers breakfast, lunch or dinner? What characters are there? Anything else? What have your experience's been like?
Thank You
Confisco's is located at the Port of Entry of Islands of Adventure on the right.

A visit to IOA is not complete without a stop at their character lunch. Everytime has been different and everytime has been incredible.

Their menu is basically American fare, and for lunch, which is the only time I've gone, the prices are very reasonable. My son and I have never paid more than $20 to dine there. Try that at a Disney character lunch!

I've met Beetle Bailey, Dr. Doom, The Grinch, a story teller, Betty Boop, Olive Oyl, and my personal fave, Spiderman. There are loads more but I'm sure others will fill them in!

The do not serve breakfast, just lunch and dinner.

I know you'll enjoy it!


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Confisco's is great for lunch. There were so many characters we could not believe it, and they take their time with everyone, signing autographs, posing for pictures and having fun.

We saw, Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two, Doctor Doom, Spider man, Wolverine, Betty Boop, Grinch, Green Goblin...there are a lot. The food is good, nice menu, moderately priced. A great value...go and Enjoy! ;) :cool:
Do not plan on Confisco's being open for Dinner on the day that you visit. I was very disappointed on one visit when we planned on making Confisco's for Dinner only to find out that they were Closed for Dinner.
I said, "What?!?, Closed For Dinner?!?
Do not be disapointed.
Don't miss Confisco's for lunch, it's my favorite. But be careful not to plan on "Dinner at Confisco's" until you check on the day of your visit.
How crowded does Confiscos get?

Should we be thinking of making reservations (or PS or whatever the Universal equivalent is!), or is it safe to go there on the day?




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