Teenagers don't like IOA?


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Nov 23, 1999
I dropped my four teenagers off at Islands of Adventure on December 27. They were to stay and play all day. Four hours later a call to our condo and they want to be picked up! They report the experiece was poor and never want to go back. The staff members were rude and the place was dirty. My daughter says "take me to Disney"

Sorry to hear the kids didn't like it. I'm very surprised and curious.
I read some of your posting history, and one might conclude that is slowing down on the DVC rent/trade board due to the opening of IOA and HRH.
Good Luck!

I am sorry and surprised by your children's reaction. I would have thought most young adults would prefer IOA. But then that would have been my choice if I was a teen (haven't been that for a lonnnng time ;) ).

Why did they think it was dirty? As a newer park, I find it less run down than the older parks and never did I notice it dirty or unkempt.

But you know, everyone has their own taste and that is a good thing. Otherwise it would be too crowded at IOA and then I would be unhappy. :)
WOW! Very surprised to hear that! Especially from teens. :eek: We were just there in December and IOA was spotless! The employee's were wonderful, helpful and polite. I agree with Molokai...more room for us!!!!!!!!!! :D


I have to agree with JessicaR. I was there recently with my two pre-teenagers and they (and I) loved it! That was our second visit there and we will be going back in March! It was spotless and the people working there couldn't be kinder or more helpful. :)
i'm 14 i love IOA. Best theme park out there (that is why i am here) did you teens really hate rides? i Really can't believe that it was dirty. what rides did they go on. make sure you have them put up a trip report. i am really sorry. :)

Our family had the exact opposite reaction. We loved both parks IOA and USO, but we found our hotel (Dixie Landings) very dirty. We will never stay at a Disney hotel again, always at Portofino and our kids thought all Disney Parks were boring. Just goes to show different strokes,,,,,
Disney hotels dirty. Pleaseeee!!!!! I have stayed at portifino,dixie landings, and The fort wilderness lodge and my favorite by far was the the fort wilderness lodge(architecture was amazing)(just my opinion). So keep your Portofino. Dixie landings is also a very nice moderate(exceptionally clean) hotel to stay at. Don't get me wrong Portifino is very nice and extravagant but lets not try and overthrow other peoples feelings and opinions with biased remarks like dixie landings is dirty. From what I've seen disney nor universal know the meaning of dirty. why can't universal and disney get along it's a perfect match. One last thing Disney parks boring granted epcot can be a little much for the kids. I think the worst park in florida by far is universal(with an exception to MIB and TERMINATOR).That place is capital BORING. IOA on the other hand IS AMAZING and EXCITING but no better than disney just different. :D

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Just one question...Are these teen normal?

What about there experience was bad?

How about the rest of the story?

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

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You asked,"What about the rest of the story?"
I don't believe nuthut has one. Look at his previous postings and you will see he (nuthut) owns points in the Disney Vacation Club. He has many points for rent in March and April. He sells them online ( was even chastised by the Mod. of the board). He is just a salesman, having a time pushing some points due to the opening of HRH.
You are right everyone has a right to their opinion. And since you asked?
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See the pattern?
You said you stayed at Portifino? I looked through your postings and no mention. Why did you use Single LIne and not FOTL if you were staying onsite?
As to the cleanliness of Disney hotels, the Contemp. was nice, just a moderate with a Deluxe price. We decided it was not worth it to stay onsite unless we stayed at Grand Floridian.

For our family it boils down to this, My kids aren't crazy for Mickey. They don't get it. They love Dr. Suess, Scooby and Marvel Comics. Mom and Dad love the adult diversions. USO is just a better park for OUR WHOLE FAMILY yet, we enjoy getting over to Disney for a day!

Read previous posts before considering an opinion honest. Consider the motivation.

I WILL see SCOOBY in March!!! hehehe
First of all Mr TAFF. I loved portifino and I love USF so please don't jump down my throat. All Im saying is no one does disney like disney does it and no one does universal like universal does it. You really can't even compare the two companies. Sure they both have movie parks but they are completely different.

2nd thing I don't do a post for every disney or universal thing I do. I just primarily write posts about rumors if you paid attention to my posts you would have noticed that. When I went to Florida this summer I was there for about 9 days so i did ultimately decide to stay at portifino. Ok inspector gadget.

3rd I highly recommend you try the fort wilderness lodge sometime.(still my personal favorite).

4th this goes out to everyone else out there are there any new rides going to universal or IOA this summer. :D

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darla you couldnt have said it better. I have NEVER seen anything dirty at WDW OR UO. Especially Dixie Landings. I also agree about USF Theme Park. And the basketball team at my High School (Boys team, Girls team, and cheerleaders) all went to WDW and IOA and their favorite attraction BY FAR was the Rock N Roller Coaster. Their favorite park was MGM and IOA was 2nd. So I guess alot of teens are different. I personally like Magic Kingdom, IOA, and MGM the best because they all offer different things that are excellent. And I have never seen any rude employees at the Universal parks. Alot of them dont smile or talk to you but they arent exactly rude to you. Maybe of them were having a bad day!

"Why would you waste your time with USF when you could go to WDW or IOA!"

Sounds like you should follow your own advice.Basically we all have our opinions and since an opinion is just that, it cant be debated.
You are entitled to feeling Universal is boring as others are entitled to saying a hotel was dirty if that was their experience.

"Don't get me wrong Portifino is very nice and extravagant but lets not try and overthrow other peoples feelings and opinions with biased remarks "

"I think the worst park in florida by far is universal(with an exception to MIB and TERMINATOR).That place is capital BORING"

this is too the last post. First of all everything can be debated. Philosophy in one sence or another is the essence of life. 2nd of all my response toward universal was in defense of a ludicrous statement being made. So thank you for spending your time to analyze my little worthy paragraph.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I also agree that the nagative comments made about IOA are completely without merit. We are a family of four with two kids ages 3 and 12 and IOA is our fave park. We found it spotless and anjoyed every moment there. I think as far as "theming" goes nobody can compete. The CM's were helpful, the food comparible and the rides awesome. I also like Disney and Universal but IOA remains our #1. Teens not liking IOA? That is definitely "strange"

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WOW!! This always seems to happen when we get into the Great Universal vs. Disney Debate. Things tend to get a little bit snippy.
Listen, I'm a Cast Member, and a HUGE Disney fan, but I also recognize that Universal has one heck of a product out there, too.
Opinions as to which is better, or which may be lacking are just those, opinions. And ALL opinions are valid and welcome on this site.

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I feel my original intent was ignored. My intent was to show a contradiction in terms. In one statement you ask that we dont overthrow other peoples feelings and opinions. The next statement you did exactly that. As far as bringing philosophy into this, no thanks! I stand firm on my belief that an opinion cant be debated.If I believe in something that you don't, you will label my opinion as wrong? You believe the worst park in Orlando is Universal, and I do not. In most areas of the free world, we call that your choice, your opinion. It doesn't make either person right or wrong. Nor does it entitle you to a debate to change my opinion. Matter of fact, opinions are what make us different. In my opinion, thats a very good thing. You say you made the statement about Universal in defense of a ludicrous statement being made. Who deemed it ludicrous? You did and that is also your opinion.Apparently the poster felt it to be true and that is their opinion. I totally respect your opinions. That does not mean they match my own.

It is quite apparent you all are hopeless simpletons. . . Gatorland USA is obviously the superior park in the nation. . . ;) . . . :D

Now quite snipping at one another, or I will come over and start posting all the time. . . and you can ask Barry or Robin or anyone on the CB; it would not be a pleasant experience. . . :D

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WillyJ...If I buy one day can I get the second day free? Gatorland USA sounds like my new favorite park! ;) Okay I will be good...



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