Proud Redhead
May 10, 2001
I'm trying to place an order on I enter my credit card info., the discount code & 2 gift cards. When I click on "Continue", I keep getting a clear payment screen, asking for payment info. What am I doing wrong? I need to order some Christmas gifts. Please help!!! :badpc:
I tried again, twice! I went back and cleared everything out an reentered all the info. Again, I got sent back to a blank Payment info. screen. :badpc: Has anyone else had this problem with I need to get this stuff ordered, since time is running out. :hyper: I can't go to the store to purchase it, because it is CD's for my DS that they don't sell in the store. TIA :)
Is your browser not allowing you to complete? That has happened to me several times. Personally I wouldnt keep entering info if i wasnt sure the payment had not been accepted. Ive done that before too, and paid twice inadvertantly through paypal. Sorry i cant be more help.
Oh no! :scared1: What if I end up being charged for four orders of the same thing? Plus, all those returns! :earseek: I'll call them 1st thing in the morning. I'm wondering if it could be my browser. I placed a order, with no problem. I even tried the Target order again on our desk top computer. The 1st time I was using my laptop. :confused3 I guess I'll find out tomorrow. :headache: has been having trouble with their payment screen for both credit card and gift card payments. Look under the "contact" section and call their 800 number to complete your order. I finally gave up and did this.
I just placed an order there with no prob. I have 3 different- 10% off codes and the first one I tried wasn't accepted but my next try was successful.
This was a CC order- no gift cards were used.

Update: I called Guest Services at Target and was told that the system isn't accepting plastic gift cards at the moment. He said there would be an update to the system tonight, and gift cards should be accepted tomorrow. I'll try again tomorrow, and hope it goes through. I feel like I'm running out of time. :hyper:


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