TANGLED-will it be good?

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    Tangled I hope this movie is worth it. I already changed m

    Jun 19, 2010
    So I was just wondering what you guys thought about "Tangled." I'm really annoyed with people dissing it just because of the title change or how it is computer animated. Please guys. Its just a movie. Not a new country. I think it might be actually good. The trailer was OK, but it would be great without that pop song blasting through my computer speakers. Judging by the thin plot Disney sent out, here's what I think it would be like.
    Once upon a time, a theif named Flynn Rider (nice name) is on the chase because he stole something valuble. He hides in a RANDOM tower in the middle of the forest thinking he's alone. Rapunzel, thinking he's a Creep or something, ties him to a chair with her hair. Flynn, totally caught off guard, agrees to free Rapunzel from the tower and to take her back wherever she came from. During thr journey, they fall in love. I don't know the ending yet.
    What do you think this movie will be like?
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    Apr 21, 2009
    I don't remember much about the story of Rapunzel except the hair. I love the name change. I think it is SO cute. Anyone who has ever had long hair giggled at that when they saw it. She reminds me a little of Meg from Hercules. She seems kinda tough. I think this is a cute idea and I cant wait to see it!!
  3. Amber Leigh

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    Apr 6, 2008
    I actually like the look of the animation here. The backgrounds in the trailer I think are really stunning.

    I'm not a huge fan however of how they have shifted the focus of the trailer and seeming much of the movie promoting over all from Rapunzel to Flynn. I know it's to try and pull in more then girls interested in princesses, but it almost reads to me like that they are try to HIDE the fact that it's a princess movie. In the trailer the never mention her name. I've come to find that Rapunzel is not that highly recognized a fairy tale as I though it was. I have friends that saw the trailer, not knowing about the movie, and when I said Rapunzel there were like, "Oh! That was Rapunzel in that movie?". She is hardly seen in it really. She only has one line. I would rather see them balance it out a bit more between the two characters. I hope further advertising shifts put some of the focus back on her.

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